• The number of traffic deaths

    The number of traffic deaths has gotten out of control. It has gotten like this because their are too many cell phones in the cars with people still being used even after the new laws have been passed. I have been cut off many times and it is mostly due to people using phones in the car and not paying attention.

  • Mostly drunk driving.

    Yes, the number of traffic deaths has grown out of control, because it is largely due to drunk drivers and other people who choose to be irresponsible on the roads. The number of traffic deaths is quite sad, because the vast majority of it is preventable, and is caused by people who are being reckless.

  • Steady Climb With More Use

    I do not believe the number of traffic deaths have grown out of control. Automobile use has steadily climbed in this country and many safety advances have prevented many deaths. Yes, the statistics climb as more people drive and more people participate in dangerous activities, such as texting and driving, but these changes have not created a scenario where the numbers have grown beyond their expected rates.

  • I don't believe so.

    I don't believe that the number of traffic deaths has grown out of control or has increased significantly. I do think that people should be more mindful of the road and pay attention to what they are doing there instead of what they are doing in the car. That is, they shouldn't be doing anything in the car other than driving.

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