Has the Obama administration been one of the worst in American history?

  • Worse than Nixon.

    Obama has been a horrible president. He has purposely divided this country and has made the U.S. a weaker nation. He wants things his way or no way at all. He is like a child that takes their ball and goes home when they don't get their way. The media covers up his many wrongs, and he spends our money like it's his own personal credit card. He is destroying this Country, but then, I think that was always his plan.

  • The worst!

    President Obama has been the worst president in American history. He has a horrible stance on foreign policy, allowed four innocent Americans to be killed in Libya when our embassy was attacked, and has put this country more in debt and more out of jobs. President Obama has done absolutely nothing right.

  • Obama is the worst

    -lack of transparency (IRS)
    -not knowledgable enough in economics, foreign policy, and negociation
    -the obamacare DISASTER
    -inability to attain robust economic recovery
    -the Iran negociation disaster
    -the disastrous attempt to raise the Cuban embargo, giving all concessions to the dictatorship while the human right violations continue to occur even right before Obama's visit to Havana.

  • The International perspective

    As a US citizen living abroad, I can state that I do not recall any administration that had been so counter constructive to US interests.
    Take a quick look:
    1. Egypt - possibly the biggest mistake of them all - after the dethroning of MB (Muslim Brotherhood) under Morsi's regime, which could have lead the area to a catastrophy, instead of strenghing the moderate and secular Morsi, the US administration chose to give MB a vote of confidence by freezing US army aid to Egypt. What kind of message does that give to the secular Suni forces in the region? Well, that the US in more concered with the appearance of Democracy than the real-life democracy. Democracy is much more that the election system. Under MB regime, women could not appear in public unveiled, any MB opposition voices were silenced, but hey, the election were free.

    2. Iraq & Afghanistan - yes, maybe these wars to begin with were mistakes made by Bush, maybe. But, once you're in there, you just cannot fold and leave the regimes to the fundementalist forces surronding it. Iran (IRGC), ISIS (Da'esh), Al Qaeda - were literally handed the control of these countries.

    3. Syria - The most horrific genocide of the 21st century is going on there, do we hear a clear US voice, from the person that is renowned as "the leader of the free world"? Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Death toll is over 200,000, almost half of which are women and children, but hey, there's no oil in Syria, so why should we care? This atrocity had Obama's name all over it.

    4. Israel - US and Israel relations, our closest ally by far had never been so cold troubled. Complete lack of trust, opting for the easiest psuedo-solutions every time (Gaza conflict of 2012 and 2014, Palestinian negotiations, Iran WMD control).

    5. Ukraine crisis - If I were to tell you, back in the 80s that the US had a chance to take a part of the USSR and "westernize it" you'd say I'm a fool. What did the US administration do in face of an unprecedented crisis that could have created a US ally right by the Russian border? You've guessed it, absolutely nothing.

    The age of US imptoance.

  • Worst president ever!

    Obama began with an apology tour of the middle east, jammed healthcare down peoples throat who don't even want it, gave guns to drug cartels, spied on American citizens, lied about everything, covered up benghazi, used the IRS to target conservatives then not only lied about it, but covered it up, & the list goes on & on.... What more do u need?

  • Being the first African American to be president in this country is about the only thing he will be remembered for.

    Reading one argument about being mentioned is one thing. Sure we've never heard of Martin Van Buren, John Adams, or many of the others pre civil war and post civil war presidents. What he will be remembered for is his race. That's all he really has going for him besides the amount of golfing he does and the vacations he takes on tax payer dollars.

    The corruption of his administration is just appalling. He only seems to learn about them from watching the news. Aren't you the president? Aren't you suppose to be on top of things? Aren't you suppose to know what's going on in your own administration? He is really that disconnected and out of touch with reality on that one. And the fact he never takes responsibility for these things is just astonishing.

    Lets not forget how he has decided to, not only undermine, but to shred the constitution and make many executive orders that are pretty much unconstitutional! And this illegal Amnesty order is just one of many.

  • No supporting headline - just the facts

    This administration is the worst administration of all time. Never has an administration so blatantly conducted government business to benefit themselves at the expense of the people. The economy is heading to a point in which it may never recover. Masses of people are unemployed. We are on the brink of war. We will soon default on our debt. This country is crumbling at the hands of the president and the congress.

  • Yes he is Terrible!

    Obama’s four years have produced four consecutive trillion dollar deficits and $5 trillion in debt. In March 2012, the debt reached 100% of GDP. It has not been this high since World War II. As a result of Obama’s policies, the U.S. Suffered an embarrassing credit downgrade. Bill Clinton has warned that Obama’s deficits will eventually result in hyperinflation.

    President Obama’s economic record is the worst of the modern era. The economy’s growth has decreased every year of his reign. His policies have doubled gas prices, exploded the deficit and debt, decreased middle class wealth, led to high unemployment, depressed the labor market, and benefited only the wealthy. On top of this, Obamanomics promises to create hyperinflation and “skyrocketing” energy costs. Since World War II, no president, not even Jimmy Carter, has had a worse economic record.

  • Look at the approval rating.

    The problem with Obama is that he can't connect with the majority of Americans. He can't communicate with the American people like a president should. I'm a democrat and even I don't like Obama. He has divided the country better than almost every president with his policies. He has lost a ton of support from independents, who used to like him. He might not go down as the worst president, but in 100 years what will people remember him for, other than being the first (half) black president and the killing of Osama Bin Laden? Although Wall Street is back, the unemployment rate is still way to high. He is a complainer and not a go-doer. He went for a grand slam in the gun control debate and struck out. He might have a great personality, but will never be a half decent president.

    Sincerely, A concerned DEMOCRAT.

  • Everything is secret, no regard for constitutional rights

    He should go to jail! Just like the mayor of Chicago and Nixon! Worst president this country has ever had. History will judge him as a sneaky liar, power hungry tyrant who caused the moral decay of American life, not qualified to be president of this great country. He only got it because he's black! He lied about the deaths of 4 Americans in Linus... And hangs out with drug dealers...

  • Not even close

    Trump, Bush, Bush so, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, and Carter were all God awful to make a few. I don't think his policy had anything to do with any he was so hated. I think people just plan didn't like Obama. Most Americans don't watch the news, read the paper, or even look up from their phone when there in public, so its not surprising how misguided notion like this get so much traction

  • He's bad, there were worse.

    John Adams, how many people knew that he was the 2nd president? Not many because his presidency was a failure. How many people have heard of Martin Van Buren? Know why? Failure. William Henry Harrison? Failure. Millard Filmore? Nope. You know why? They were all catastrophic failures. Obma's administration is down there, but it CERTAINLY isn't one of THE worst.

  • Even a neo - conservative couldn't believe this

    Although it seems to me that Obama has compromised many of his ideals, saying that he has been "one of the worst" disregards much of American history, even from the past fifty years. Nixon's paranoia could easily be considered the main reason Americans no longer trust their government, and even though there have been cases of such paranoia in other presidents, Nixon with this and many other things showed just how little he was connected with his nation. That's just Nixon, I'm certain a send - up of Carter would also prove him to be less efficient than Obama and if you look through all of American history you get an even more broad picture - just look up Andrew Johnson, the democrat who was pro slavery after it's abolition and who introduced the beginnings of segregationism and tried to reinstitute slavery itself under another name. This is a man who would persistently swear at his fellow congressman and was eventually impeached for a charge that could only be described as "bad behaviour" - i.e. turning up at Congress meetings drunk. He allowed the KKK, which he should have been against for their murders of blacks in the south, and the Reconstruction Act, which he was against because of his states' rights ideology, pass through right under his nose. If Obama (or Romney possibly) turns up drunk at the next session of Congress and starts swearing at his opponents while they subtly repeal the affordable health care act (or in Romney's case pass universal healthcare) then maybe, just maybe, they will have the beginnings of an Andrew Johnson or a Grover Cleveland. Otherwise I don't think so.

  • No, but its pretty awful and hasn't helped.

    Without a doubt, Obama was thrown into a tough situation. But he accepted it, and promised to decrease our deficit by half. This didn't happen. Instead, our president pushed for more government into states rights (church, education,immigration, healthcare,etc.) and tried his hardest to make the citizen more dependent on the Feds (just look at the food stamp numbers). Poverty's worse than its ever been since the Great Depression, and he still blames Bush! It's comical, in reality the true lack of ownership this man has. A so-called Christian who now has 23 lawsuits against him by the Catholic Church and announces his support for gay marriage. Once more on the fence. In total, this so indecisive and intent on manipulating individual liberties that if I could change my answer now, I would.

  • Obama's administration entered office under some of the worst circumstances in U.S. history

    The Obama administration cannot be considered as one of the worst in American history. The president and his administration entered office under severe conditions, with two wars being waged overseas, a terrible economy, a healthcare crisis and an abundance of national debt. It is extremely difficult to deem Obama's administration as one of the worst, since no presidents have entered office under similar circumstances to compare it to.

  • "Wave the Hoover flag"

    Hoover was also left with an economic mess to clean up. He used taxing as one way to fix the economy and of course tax raises never receive the peoples praise. He even attempted re-election, just like Obama, knowing that the economy is still not in a good shape.

  • Have you studied American history?

    There is no specific act that Obama has done that makes him any worse than previous presidents who have committed fraud, overworked our troops, and abused national money. Obama came into office after the country had already suffered, so he was left with the "mess" to clean up. Therefore, he should not be blamed.

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