• Obama Campaign Too Negative

    Obama's camp has become far too negative in the last few months. His staff is currently dealing with various snafus, including the NSA spying programs and Obamacare issues. With that in mind, he needs to turn around his current state to avoid further problems. Otherwise, his presidency will end with a thud.

  • Yes, the Obama campaign has gone too negative.

    Yes, the Obama campaign has gone too negative. There is too much negativity and controversy surrounding Obama, from Benghazi to the NSA and Obamacare. There doesn't seem to be one thing involving the Obama administration that the whole country has agreed on. There is always fighting between the right and left and sometimes infighting between parties.

  • All Presidential Campaigns Too Negative

    Just about every federal campaign in the United States includes way too much negative advertising. Unfortunately, that's how voters get riled up to elect people. Negative ads stir emotions in people that motivate them to go to the polls. The Obama campaign, as well as the Romney camp, had too many negative ads in 2012. I couldn't wait for that election cycle to finish!

  • Negativity Is Part of Modern Politics

    There are too many negative ads in every political race, no matter if it comes from the Obama campaign. Candidates will say anything to get elected, but the reality of governing is completely different. Every political ad and "factoid" distorts the truth. Both Obama and Mitt Romney know what is at stake in the 2012 election and neither side is playing "fair." There will never be a time for a completely positive campaign where ads rely on the strengths of one candidate.

  • No it hasn't

    I do not think that the Obama campaign has gone too far at all. I mean all political parties and candidates are guilty of making negative remarks about the competition. I do not think that the Obama campaign has gone overboard with this tactic. They are definitely not the worst.

  • No, it is still positive.

    No, the Obama campaign has not gone too negative, because it is still largely trying to put the things into place that it campaigned on. Obama is getting down to the daily activities of running an office. That is never going to sound as positive as a campaign, but that does not mean he has become too negative. There are just realities he has to deal with.

  • A Little Negative, Not Too Much

    Obama's campaign has not gone too negative. When comparing political ads of Obama's versus that of Romney's, Obama's are much more factual and put more stress on the fact that change takes time. Obama looks forward to leading the country towards an achievable goal. In other words, his campaign is abut "what should we want", rather than "what should we avoid". There is always SOME level of negativity in campaigns because humans tend to pay more attention to bad news rather than good, but Obama struck a good balance in his campaign.

  • No, The Obama Campaign Is Only Releasing Facts

    While the Obama campaign has put out several negative ads targeting Mr. Romney, it is apparent that he is simply trying to relay the facts of Mr. Romney's record to the public. Simply because Mr. Romney's record is poor the campaign against him appears to be overwhelmingly negative. Mr. Romney is responsible for his political record and President Obama should not be targeted for pointing out his mistakes and flaws.

  • No, Obama has simply pointed out facts in response to Romney's accusations

    I believe that Obama's campaign has not gone too negative, but that they are merely responding to false statements and attacks on the President by Mitt Romney's campaign. Unfortunately, negativity and mud-slinging have become staples of American politics, but it seems that Obama has a better track record of positivity than many of his counterparts.

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