• Obama has been a mixed bag, but a success.

    President Obama was elected on so much hype that it would be impossible to live up to what he was thought to be able to do. But he has done the biggest things that he campaigned on by fighting for more transparancy, scaling down war efforts, and passing big health care.

  • The Obama presidency has been a success.

    The Obama presidency has been a success. So far, the presidency has accomplished a lot of its goals that it set out to accomplish. There has not been really big scandals from the administration and not many mistakes. So I think that the Obama presidency so far has been a success.

  • Too afraid to say no

    And if you say no you are .... Remember it was Bush's fault, the left's fault, the right's fault, the constitution's fault, the rich's fault, the middle class's fault...Gun 's fault, School's fault, video game's fault, movie's fault. And I am trying to fill the 50 word count to state again, if you do not agree you might be a racist?

    Posted by: N711
  • Obamas presidency a success?

    Well sure...For terrorists, N. Korea & Iran it has! 11/13/15 morning of the Paris attack Obama stated "Isis is contained". Then the attacks came. He backpedaled on the statement. Besides he exposed US anti terrorism "intelligence" is demonstrated to be worthless. That would be treason on Obamas part, publicly exposing that vulnerability... Wouldn't it? He has served this nation very poorly past 7 years

  • Obama Presidency Unsuccessful

    Through this point, the Obama presidency hasn't been successful by any means. Obama has made strides in certain areas, but it can be argued that he has set the country back in a big way. His presidency won't be remembered as one of the most successful ones in recent history.

  • No, we have only treaded water.

    No, the Obama presidency has not been a success, because the world is not better than it was 6 years ago. Economically, we have only treaded water, and many people say that employment is still too low. Militarily, Obama is the president responsible for losing Egypt, and degrading our relationship with Israel. His term in office can hardly be called a success.

  • Not at all

    Speaking as somebody that voted for Obama twice, no, his presidency has not been a success and likely won't be. It's partially his fault for his lack of assertiveness and abysmal handling of ACA, but even if he was better at his position it wouldn't matter. The GOP is perfectly content with putting this country in the toilet in order to gain control of it again.

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Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-12-06T17:32:12.503
Unless you define what you mean by "success" , there's no way to answer the question.
Has Obama been Successful in destroying the political system?
At being a complete failure?

Obamacare can't possibly work, even if they had the $ for it, which they don't.
The so-called "national debt" alone is over $18 TRILLION, & Going Up.
They're not only BANKRUPT, but Head- Over- Heels In Debt.
There's virtually ZERO $ for anything whatsoever.
Politicians all over the world have Very Severe Budget Problems.