• Yes, the Obama White House has limited free press.

    I definitely think that the White House of Obama has limited free press. I think that it is clear that Obama doesn't believe in the freedom of the press. There has been no administration before his that has limited the freedom of the press more than the current White House.

  • Yes They Have

    I believe the Obama White House has limited free press. I'm not sure if the problem started in the Obama administration or if it started in the Bush administration. It doesn't matter because they problem has been getting much worse as time progresses and that can only be blamed on the Obama administration.

  • Are you serious?

    I love how all of the pro arguments simply restate that "the Obama administration has limited free press" without actually citing any evidence. That's probably because there isn't any. If Obama was limiting free press, there probably wouldn't be so "stories" suggesting that he might be a foreign-born Muslim communist pervading talk radio, cable news and the internet. There also probably wouldn't be an immensely popular news station dedicated to criticizing his every move either (ahem, Fox News!).

  • No it hasn't

    No it has not limited free press. It is still there but just hidden and not talked about as much as one would like us to focus on. There are more important things to focus on in this country than free press. We have people that are starving to death.

  • If they wanted to limit the press wouldn't they go after Fox?

    There is no evidence that the Obama White House is limiting the freedom of the press. If anything, the President has been too generous with giving access to ridiculous and biased news sources like Fox News. That network has spent the last six years spreading baseless conspiracy theories and yet President Obama still does things like granting Bill O'Reilly major interviews. These are not the actions of someone fighting against the press.

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