• Occupy movement was very successful

    We must understand that success is not always winning but instead it is getting some form of change. No matter where you go you will see that people will talk about the 1%. This is now part of our daily vernacular. This means that people are talking about these issues. That is the real success. There are still many more fights that need to be fought in the occupy issues, but in all there is a sense of success with the movement.

  • yes it has

    yes, I do think that the occupy movement has been a really successful thing, and that a lot of good is going to come out of it very soon. I think that it is going to be one of the big things coming up, and that more people will back it.

  • Of course it hasn't been successful ...

    When you have a movement that the majority of its makeup are 20-something year old entitled brats running around and screaming at the "elite 1%" for not giving them "their share" of the wealth, the movement will fail soon enough. Many of the Occupy Movement's supporters and protesters are entitle-ists who think the wealthy should give them something (i.E. A share of their wealth) for nothing.

  • Dumb hippies! Get a job.

    They need to get off the street and get jobs. Nobody listens to a bunch of hippies who are living off trust funds and using the bathroom in our parks. It's apparent to many, that all they want to do is live off the system they are so critical of.

  • Occupy Failed Completely

    The Occupy movement failed because those who sat it on Occupy sites across the United States should have done what most people do in times of economic crisis: find a job. The Occupy movement was an excuse to try to buck the system. I sided with the Occupiers at first, but when they wouldn't go back home and get jobs, that's when I felt it was taken too far.

  • No, I don't believe the Occupy movement has been successful.

    I believe overall the Occupy Wall Street Movement was not successful, they succeeded in generating lots of attention but were unable to take any of that attention and translate it into laws and reforms that they wanted to see occur on wall street, so overall the movement never acomplished anything.

  • No, it has not.

    The occupy movement was successful at its start because it swelled so quickly and with such good intent. But largely, it was just a noisy failure without much structure at all. No figureheads. No direction. Just basic complaints. And different complaints. You had Ron Paul supporters and Barack Obama supporters mad at the government in the same place, but saying completely different things.

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