• yes it has

    Yes, this has been a really good thing for the Palestinians. I think that it is a good thing and that it will be a organizatioin that is going to help them out for a long time and that is going to make their lives a whole lot better and free.

  • They've only made everything worse.

    The terrorist organization that calls itself the Palestine Liberation organization has done more harm than it has done good for regular Palestinians. Thanks to the PLO, every Palestinian who happens to live or vist Israel for every reason is regarded as a terrorist and treated with contempt. So much for equality.

  • PLO Helped Terrorists, Nothing More

    The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) didn't help regular Palestinians at all. The PLO existed simply to terrorize Israelis into capitulating, plain and simple. Yasser Arafat was a terrorist who wanted to bomb Israelis into submission. He didn't help the average Palestinian--he wanted glory for him and his minions and that was it. Arafat waged a glorious jihad to make a name for himself among Muslims, not for the good of his people.

  • No, they haven't

    Nobody Israeli or Palestinian currently involved in working towards Palestinians achieving liberty is not holding up their end of the bargain as it stands right now. Palestinians are no closer to achieving their own state than at any other point in my lifetime, due to a combination of some Palestinian fringe groups sending the wrong message and the United States letting Israel commit any atrocities it feels like without saying a word.

  • They are not peaceful.

    No, the Palestine Liberation organization has not been helpful for regular Palestinians, because most Palestinians do not want war. The PLO has undertaken extreme measures to impose their view points, when most of the actual people in the Palestine region only want peace. But the PLO only stirs up anger and hate.

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