• Pope Francis has impacted the political scene in the US

    America's political right is largely religiously based. The pope being the holiest of holy people, his influence is hard to ignore. When the pope says its a sin to be gay, but we should love those people just the same, that means something. That takes the wind out of the sails of those bigots that would cite the church as being against the gay movement. Pope Francis is just the opposite. He welcomes all people with open arms as a good catholic should.

  • America's political scene

    I personally agree,Pope Francis made headlines this week for garnering 10 million
    followers on Twitter, but the Supreme Pontiff’s popularity and influence spans
    beyond the realm of social media. In a very tangible way, Pope Francis’
    progressive leadership has the power to transform the political and economic
    landscape of Latin America and beyond.

    Argentina-born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who took over the reins of the
    Vatican last March after Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation, has won
    the hearts of millions around the world, including many in Latin America, for
    his exceptionally revolutionary discourse on socioeconomic issues. A monumental
    figure not merely by tradition, but by popular support, Pope Francis is in a
    position to exert political clout in the region.

  • No He Hasn't

    I do not believe the Pope has influenced America's political scene. At best he's threw the Catholic Churches in a scurry within the United States because he tends to be more open-minded than the previous Pope, but that's about all it has done. Overall the church tries to have a powerful political voice within the US, but it rarely works anymore.

  • No, I don't believe hte Pope Has Influenced The Political scene of America.

    No, while the Pope is a very influential figure globally I don't see any instances or events that have occurred that indicate that the current Pope is influencing American Politics, I believe the Pope is someone who should be looked to morally but I don't believe the role of the Pope should be influencing American politics.

  • No, the pope hasn't influenced America's politics.

    I think the newest Pope has been a very positive thing for the image of the Catholic church. He has been shown to be a very contemporary and understanding individual. That is why he has been very popular with a lot of young people. But as positive of a person as he has been for the church, he has not made a significant change in politics in America.

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