Has the present education system reduced students to mere consumers instead of making them products?

  • We Are Consumer-Based Society

    Students are a large group of consumers in the United States. Textbooks, food, laptops, tablets and school supplies all add up to a huge industry that is part of our education system. School is a business--more graduates means more prestige and more funding. More funding means growth, more tuition and a better financial standing. Students are mere consumers that need to repay their debt to society be becoming taxpayers when they get older.

  • Too much costs, not enough substance.

    The United States education ratings keep slipping. The education hasn't done anything to compete with other developed countries in the world. The problem stems from the unwillingness to invest in education. Instead, the cost of it keeps growing, without any better offerings. So what distinguishes a United States student? Not much. Programs need to be innovative, but we are just recycling the education system.

  • The present education system is not responsible for mass consumerism

    The present education system is not responsible for our societies preconception for consumerism. This movement can be attributed to the corporate presence within our society. Once corporations gained the power to influence our political system, our society should have foreseen what our future held. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements, so much so that our daily exposure ranges in the hundreds of thousands instances.

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