Has the prime of America passed (yes) or are its best years yet to come (no)?

  • Pre Internet Era

    The decades before the Internet tech boom were so much better; people were more engaged, reliable, patriotic...Job security, most things more affordable, less stress and divorce, music/film industry thrived and wasn't fake with digital "cheating". Smart Phones were the nail in the coffin, society is a brainwashed self absorbed MESS

  • Pre-Internet Era thrived compared to this 21st Century S*** Show

    Being born in 1971, a true GenXer, and having lived half my life with no internet and now the next half with internet I would say the times before internet were MUCH better. Not factoring in who was president, any wars, or financial trends, Americans in general were so much more engaged, reliable, genuine, patriotic...More job security, less stress and competition, better family values, most things more affordable for what the dollar got you, middle was class thriving...A true great country with team player work ethic and attitude! The Internet was exciting at first and still allows for amazing innovative things but overall it's divided us more and people are walking around like zombies staring at 4" screens most of the day. An average person flakes out of a simple plan or agreement 4.5 out of 5 times, online dating is a fricking joke, most citizens are so self absorbed, narcissistic, digitally brainwashed, out of touch with reality...12 is the new 20, people are more stressed, there's more divorce, more violence, no job security, college degree is basically worthless...Everything has become WAY TOO saturated with the power of the Internet with WAY TOO many options for everything in existence! (20+ flavor options for every product on store shelves, vehicles becoming these complex driver-distracting space ships with so much digital bullshit included on the dashboard, texting while driving deaths, etc) Tech Savvy is the new "Rock Star" so Nerds not only got their "revenge" but this digital tech movement has created a whole generation of bullshit; Millennials: cheesy trends in fashion for males no question (skinny jeans, man buns, metrosexual, lumber sexual...) music industry is shit with people utilizing digital technology to "become talented", Apple computers on stages with energy drinks is so NOT rock n roll. It's the times of self absorbed, digitally brainwashed, cheese-dick lameness. Basically the greatest times to be American and "real" were 50s - 90s no question. Each decade has goods/bads and some of it is relative to opinion but come on, the 21st Century is a MESS, and the 2010s are a complete S*** SHOW!!!

  • Best times gone by in America

    Before The consecutive wars , The terrorist attacks, the fall of Wall St, There were good days in America?.It Is so very sad we lost the best President this country has ever seen, John F. Kennedy., There was so much promise in him.But Now we have a real chance to be happy if the politicians in Washington would just be honest with us and if we actually voted for people who gave a hoot about us instead of themselves and how much money they can steal. The best times are not ahead, and if there ever were any it was before my time.. Finally the racial barrier is broken and we get an black president and what does HE do? He sends drones to kill people who he has no proof are criminals, spies on the very people who got him into office. He is a disappointment. Whatever good times that may have been I do not ever see returning.

  • They Are Passed

    I believe the prime of America has passed, I believe we are entering some very rocky times, especially within our government. Our government no longer listens to the people and the economic system seems to run everything. The middle class is gone and the American dream is dead. There isn't much hope left.

  • America's prime has yet to come.

    Since foundation, the United States has been an ever-improving nation. Constantly striving to improve for a better future for the country and its people. This is why throughout history, Americans have been proud of their country, despite the issues it faced. America faces a great many problems today, but when in history has it not? Since its forming America has had issues from huge wars to economic crises, yet the American culture of ambition and innovation allowed it to prevail; this still exists today. America will pull through and fix these problems, as they have in the past, America is not past its prime as it has never been better than it is now. During its beginning wars against its very existence waged on, for a long time it was small and insignificant, there were world-wars, the Great Depression (which makes today's economic troubles look mild) smaller wars such as the Cold War and much more. Only recently did America become anywhere near as powerful as it did now, and compared to the problems of the past, today is a walk in the past, America is ever-improving, the best is and always will be still to come.

  • America is headed for Prime

    Although it seems that America's downfall is coming soon, I believe it will reach its prime eventually. In the past, not everyone had as many rights. For example, women and other races were treated differently, as well as homosexuals. In this day of age, people are treated better in the United States and we are headed for some great years.

  • Our best years are yet to come

    I don't think America's prime has passed yet. I know, that as a country we're struggling with the economy, and many other issues, but I still believe that this is the best country in the world. American ingenuity and our sense of inclusiveness will prevail. The ideals and principles on which our country was founded still resonate. Our best is yet to come.

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