Has the quality of society gone down, since women no longer stay home to raise the children?

Asked by: bmork
  • Gang banging has gone up.

    I believe that it has. I am not saying tjat wo men should be tied to the kitchen. I fully support all working Moms. I however do believe that a steady care giver (nanny, grandma, dad, aunt) should be ho me with the children. Children need that solid person that they can call home.

  • Not entirely no.

    Not entirely no...This is because for one you must consider the view of women as a whole. Women have more freedoms to do whatever they can and no longer have their dreams crushed to be, as Susan B. Anthony referred to it, a doll. Women have so many more options and have contributed positively to the community by being able to work and change the dynamic of the corporate world (to an extent).

    As far as the family element, Yes, but I don't think the solution is the demobilization of women's liberation. I think what society has to do is find a fairer balance. Women starting really coming up in the 70's and 80's...It hasn't been that long since the dynamic changed. I think that men staying at home would be perfectly stable and fine. Or both parents working but creating a balance of the work schedule to ensure someone is always readily available. If benefits were easier to obtain and jobs offered more money, the ultimate solution would be both working part-time. This allows them both opportunity to earn for their family and allows them the flexibility to run a home and be with children. However, part-time wages are low and hours are so risky.

    So, what I think we need is a balance but certainly not the mom back in the kitchen.

  • It has, but not for that reason

    The correlation between the quality of society and women leaving the homes just doesn't add up. There are many many reasons why society has gone down the drain: the economy, the general increase in crime and unemployment, blah blah blah. The dark ages of no women's rights are gone, and that's been only for the better

  • We are much better off

    I am so glad we moved away from the disgusting dark days of the 1950's style stay at home wife. Too long in history, women have degraded themselves working as an uneducated house maid servant. Women have much more freedom in modern times and this is to be applauded. Women have gained financial independence so they are not forced to leech off of their husbands.

    The emotional well being of the family is much better when someone isn't condemned to be a housewife.

  • No it hasn't

    If anything it has gone up. Women are hard workers and the backbone to our workforce. I dont see why there's a problem with women working. If anything they should work and have the same opportunities an anyone else. I think women working is gonna make society more balanced and make american a better and freer place.

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