Has the quality of YouTube suffered due to the influence of Google?

  • Yes, YouTube has lost much quality due to the interference of Google.

    YouTube used to be a good source of quality entertainment, from old 80s cartoons to full-length movies. The influence of Google has made the website harder to search. It has also created stricter guidelines on content, eliminating many of the previously available programs from user queues without any advanced warning.

  • Yes, the quality of YouTube suffered due to the influence of Google.

    As a result of the influence of Google, the overall quality of videos posted at YouTube degraded. A growing number of people are focusing on attracting higher search engine rankings at the expense preparing and posting high quality videos. In short, technological considerations are trumping those associated with creativity when it comes to YouTube videos.

  • No, YouTube has benefitted from the influence of Google.

    YouTube has more videos than any single person can watch in a lifetime. To find the right video among the millions of wrong videos, you need accurate search results. Google is the leader in generating quality search results, and its powers have greatly improved YouTube's ability to categorize and find the videos people want to see.

  • YouTube remains largely the same service in spite of Google.

    YouTube has changed very little as a result of Google's influence. It is still an outlet that provides a voice for virtually anyone who wishes to do so to express themselves. Although tighter security efforts have been implemented, they have had little effect on the actual material that is posted to the site.

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