• It is usually fair.

    Yes, the question of equal pay for equal work has been resolved, because for the most part, the income gap has subsided. For women who do not drop out of the workforce to raise children, they usually earn equal to men for the same work. There are always a few sexists, but most people are fair.

  • No, equal pay for equal work hasn't been resolved.

    I do not think that the issue of "equal pay for equal work" has been resolved. Not that I do not believe that it isn't what is already happening. I just do not think that it is something people will ever agree on. I think that some people will still feel like there isn't an equal level playing field in the workplace.

  • Women Still Don't Earn Equal Pay

    "Equal pay for equal work" isn't even close to being resolved. Women still earn less than men for the same position and same work in America. This isn't just a travesty of justice, it's just plain wrong. Single women are abandoned by their baby's fathers with alarming regularity. When that happens, women should earn as much money as possible so as to make ends meet for their family.

  • No It Has Not

    I do not believe the question of equal pay for equal work has been resolved. Businesses are moving towards private contractors and contract labor to avoid minimum wage now. I currently work far over forty hours a week and make less than minimum wage most of the time. This hasn't been resolved, it gets worse every day.

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