• Yes they have.

    The two parties mostly fight, and refuse to cooperate or pass eachother's bills most of the time, which is obviously crippling to America. Have you ever heard of RomneyCare? It is basically identical to ObamaCare, but with Romney's name instead of Obama's. The Republican Party came up with it, and they liked it, so why would they refuse their own idea? Because now it was being proposed by a Democrat (Obama).

    Sorry for the vague argument- I had basically written an essay but DDO logged me out and deleted it so I had to start over and I didn't want to type the whole thing again.

  • They definitely have.

    Everyone knows the senate loves to veto anything proposed by Democrats, just because it was proposed by democrats, and the HoR will do that too to bills proposed by Republicans. The fact that there are two parties that fight just for the sake of fighting rather than cooperating for the good of America is crippling. But this is not even confined to Congress and the government; it affects everyone.

    Most republicans hate ObamaCare, and Obama, and think Romney would have been a much better President, but they don't seem to know that if Romney had been President, he would have implemented RomneyCare, which was nearly identical to ObamaCare. And it is equally interesting that the Senate refused an idea invented by themselves. They refuse ObamaCare because it was proposed by Obama instead of Romney.

  • How the Republican Party Crippled America's Economic Recovery

    When Americans go to the polls this November, they'll be looking for some payback. The Great Recession supposedly ended in June 2009, but what followed was hardly the kind of bounce that usually put the economy back on its feet. Rather, in the following two years the economy produced about two million fewer jobs than it would have under historically normal conditions. The unemployment rate was still above eight percent, and people around the country were still suffering the pain and indignity of hunger, bankruptcy, and foreclosure. Why? Who was to blame?

    After any recession, growth usually returns before jobs do

  • No, the Republican party has not crippled progress in America

    No, the Republican party has not crippled progress in America. America does not move on the whims of one party. The two parties play a role in shaping America's future. The Democrats and Republicans have to work together to create a better America, but in the past decade, both parties could not be bothered. It is that failure to act together that has crippled America's progress.

  • They are keeping us from the edge.

    No, the Republican party has not crippled progress in America, because it is only the American party that is stopping us from going off the ledge completely. Under Obama, we handed him a peace prize and then watched as he emboldened our enemies. Only under Reagan, when we could put the Republican plan into action, did our country thrive.

  • No, the Republican party is restoring order

    The damage the lunatic left has done in 8 years under Obumbo is a huge mess. President Trump is our God-given saviour and with our prayers, he will be able to restore America back to it's former greatness.
    Libtards have tried everything from multiple genders to pedophile same sex "couples" buying babies for their sexual playthings. Liberalism is a disease, and to call all the perversion introduced to society by them..."progress????" is a big joke. God bless President Trump. God bless America.

  • Crippled what exactly?

    I always thought the reason there were opposing sides were to make it difficult to pass legislation. It meant you had to convince others that the legislation would work in order to get them to vote on it and pass it. If you cannot do that, then it does not get passed. You see a president today that if he doesn't get what he wants he issues executive orders. He has been shot down by the Supreme Court numerous times for overstepping his bounds, that should tell you enough of who the real problem is.

    I like when either party stands on principle and has an actual backbone. If you believe in something and got elected on it, then DO IT. Don't want a healthcare overhaul that forces people to have insurance otherwise they get taxed? Then don't vote for it. The majority of this this country does not want government controlled healthcare. They want to see improvements to the healthcare industry but by no means does that mean they want the government involved.

  • Depends on your defintion of progress

    This all depends on your personal definition of progress. If progress means the right to kill unborn babies or the right to receive welfare that you really do not need because you just do not want to work, then yes. On the other hand, if progress means that everyone be treated as "equal", unborn babies included, then there is no crippling. I believe what has torn America apart the most is having political parties period. Pick a side. It has pinned us all against each other instead of bringing unity. That is what America needs most, unity.

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