Has the Republican party twisted God's word for political persuasion?

Asked by: JRM

    The bible, Gods word, has been misused by the Republican Party to persuade people to vote republican. The ten commandments, free will/choice, greed, war, violence/ guns, the environment, and the list goes on need to be looked at by the people of God. There are so many issues that need to be called out. The Christian TV and radio stations need some help. People are being misinformed in church. Lord help us!!

    Posted by: JRM
  • Yes, they interpret the bible as they please

    Republicans seem to fall back on what they believe God wants and believes for any of their arguments, using the bible and putting it into their own words so it fits in with what they believe as a matter of attempting to make people believe that they are only doing and preaching the word of God. They use it for their own gain, rather than using it in a legitimate matter.

  • No the Republican Party has not twisted God's Word

    No, I vehemently believe that the Republican Party has not twisted God's Word for political persuasion, and instead, uses God's Word as an integral part of policy when it comes to where the party stands on certain important issues. Just because a political party affiliates heavily with religion does not mean that they use it for political persuasion.

  • No, the Republican party has not twisted the word of God for their own means.

    The Republican party has the many of the same ideas to which Christians can relate. For example, the Republican party aligns itself on championing family values which coincide with religious dogma. For example, Republicans believe in the sanctity of marriage and champion that marriage is between a man and a woman. This idea is also part of Christian theology from Catholics to Protestants. If anything, God's word or Christian beliefs actually persuade public policy.

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