Has the role of fatherhood changed over the decades?

  • For the worst; some of them have become overprotective manginas

    Now, don't confuse this with someone who sets limits for their daughter, because they want the best for their daughter and they're conservative on dating and all. What I'm talking about is just the idea of another boy being with this girl will get him to get his gun. I think this type of father has been neutered by feminists. And usually they hate men. We went from manly tough fathers, with brains or not, to these mangina, feminine fathers who will kill another man. White knights is what they are, but it's really just another word for being a mangina.

  • Yes, in every way!

    The fathers of today are much more hands on and involved than the fathers of the past. They are staying home to raise their children, changing diapers, and are much more involved in their children's lives. It's a wonderful change, and benefits the children as well as the parents. Dads today have the chance to know their children so much better than their predecessors!

  • Yes, because the role of motherhood has changed.

    While mothers were traditionally expected to stay at home and take care of the children while the father worked in order to support the family, this is no longer true. Women have ingrained themselves in the workforce and are no longer forced to take part in the sexist traditions of the past. As a result fathers must take a more active and nurturing role in child rearing.

  • Yes, a father's role has changed.

    Time has changed so much over the years when it comes to the idea of fatherhood. The economy has forced fathers to spend more time at home, or they end up spending 50-60 hours at work at a time. In other relationships fathers are not even in the picture. 50 years ago none of these would happen.

  • Clearly

    It used to be "bring home the paycheck while mom handles all the kid stuff" but that's clearly not the world we live in anymore. Due to some of the jobs dominated by men being hit very hard by the recession and a general multi-decade transition into more shared gender roles, the male role in parenting is much more hands on than before.

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