• The Tea Party Movement has destroyed today's Republican Party.

    Yes, the Tea Party Movement has severely tarnished the reputation of today's Republican Party. The Tea Party's views are notoriously extreme and anarchistic in nature. Any chance the Republican Party had to appearing compromising has been lost due to the stalwart, extremist Tea Party Movement. The Tea Party is making Republicans look bad.

  • The TP movement did more damge than good.

    The TC party created internal bickering between moderates and right wing republicans. Today, the Republican Party can't agree on the color of poo... It's an unorganized disfunctional family. There is no common goal. The Dems exploit this to their advantage... Devide and concur. Independent voters have no idea if the Rep party can move a agenda forward... If there is no agreement on what that agenda is.

  • Yes, the proof is the fact that Trump is the Republican Party presumptive.

    Ted Cruz tea party darling lost the nomination for Republican Party presumptive to Donald Trump. A small group of politicians are holding the Republican Party Captive, they object on some "moral" high ground, and unit in blocking Democratic Bills as well as Republican bills. The Tea Party which makes up a small percentage of American's has overrun the Republican party and registration of Republicans is on the decline while left leaning Independents and Independents is growing. If something does not change, we have seen the last Republican President in our life time.

  • Gridlock is rampant

    In the name of core values, beliefs, morals, etc., (which are all good things), the Tea Party and now "GOP" has become a party of obstructionists. The American people are sick and tired of infighting, inaction, and incompetence. We all have values, core beliefs, morals, etc., but most normal Americans don't stick them down everyone else's throats and insist that "everyone become the same". We want a Government that does what it's supposed to do which is let all of us pursue life, liberty and happiness without interference.

  • Tea party destroying our Republican Party

    Our democracy is based on talk, compromise, and action for the good of all in our nation. With the so called tea party there is no compromise. Common sense and working together is not their agenda. No action and shut down to win at all cost is. The silent majority of the Party needs to be heard and vote out the tea party candidates. Let them form their own party and stop destroying ours

  • The tea party has ruined the republican party.

    The tea party are republican party extremists. This has ruined almost any chance for a moderate republican candidate who may have not only appealed to republican voters but also to moderate democratic voters. Also the tea party's extremist ideals have ruined bi-partisanship, which the republican party is being blamed for right now.

  • Yes,the tea party movement has destroyed the Republican party.

    Yes,the tea party movement has destroyed the Republican party.No longer can a moderate which may match more closely with the mainstream find success with the republican party because they will always come up against the tea party which has a much larger war chest.Therefore in the general election a radical will always go against a liberal.

  • Yes, they seem like reactionaries.

    The Republican Party has not gained anything because of the Tea Party Movement. The latter seems like a reactionary movement that is against everything that lower to middle class people need and want. So one can no longer easily find the moderate Republicans and would not want to identify with the party.

  • Response to someone else on here, and NO it helps, not destroy

    So saying that Americans are fed up with all these taxes is a bad thing in your opinion?
    Give me one valid example how the Tea Party has been anything like what you said. Just 1. You can't, because at NO rally, or at NO time has any official member of the Tea Party acted in such away.
    You want extreme views? You want Anarchy? Lets look no further than the DNC.
    Lets look at Sharpton, Holder, Obama, Clinton. All four of these have perpetuated the "Hands up, don't shoot" lie. All for of them opened their mouths before the facts were in, and helped to bring a city, and a police force to their knees, over a LIE. Isn't that just a little extreme?
    Just a little bit ?
    That is but just a few ppl. Off the top of my head, and 1 example, and my example is factual, and can be backed up. Where are your facts? Oh, yea there jammed into your head by the news, not by the truth.
    Next time, try to have an original opinion, and put the thesaurus down, you need a dictionary, so you can learn what the words mean, not if they sound good.

  • Tea party support is remarkable.

    As I have attended tea party meetings I noticed that their effort to support Republicans is absolutely remarkable. They schedule another meetings to discuss about possible up coming changes that may happen as a result of ruling the country by republican parties and the they benchmark the advantages of republicans over other political parties. I believe with the support that "tea parties" do for republicans make republican parties extremely strong because one of the main advantages that they try to discuss in "Tea parties" is that they believe Republicans are job creators.

  • The Tea Party Movement has not destroyed Republicans.

    The Tea Party Movement has not destroyed the Republican Party. This is because the Tea Party is a subset of Republicans that feel very strongly on the topics of immigration and tax reform. There are a great many Republicans in the movement, and if the Tea Party were responsible for destroying the Republian Party, there would be none of them left in office.

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