• They have better than we do.

    Yes, the U.S. as a society has made enough progress in disability rights, because the lawyers sue every business they can find that hasn't painted a space for disability parking. Disabled people get checks every month from the U.S. government, even if their disability is ADD. They have it good compared to the rest of us.

  • yes we have

    Yes, I think that the people that are in this country and are disabled have got a lot of rights to make sure that they can live their life as normal as possible, and that they can still go and do all of the things that a normal person can.

  • Yes, USA has made enough progress concerning disability rights.

    I think that the United States of America has made enough progress in regards to the rights of the disabled. I think the United States of America is one of the most understanding and progressive nations on Earth when it comes to the rights of the disabled. That is why I think that America can teach other nations about the subject.

  • We have made progress

    The united states has made great progress for disability rights over the past several decades. They do not need to have any more special rights aimed at them, because that would just place a big burden on businesses that would need to comply with any new laws that are passed.

  • No, not at all

    While I will acknowledge and applause the fact that the disabled have more opportunities now and are treated more fairly in the workplace, my problem lies with disability insurance. You really have to jump through hoops to be able to get disability pay. And, even when you do, it doesn't last forever and usually isn't enough.

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