• Modern technology and the Media

    As technology has and continues to advance, The Media shapes the political climate today exponentially bigger than it has in the past. Communication is lightning fast, Research is instantaneous, And misinformation has a shorter window to slip through the cracks unchecked. If the media chooses to demonize a person it will translate into many people believing that it's true even if it's a perception of actions, Not the reality. Not only that, This will direction impact and affect a persons life and potentials because of opposition of said Media channels view. The Media ought to be to the most upstanding and mature. This is too powerful in the view of our advanced communication technologies.

  • Yes they have.

    "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
    -John Acton-
    We all know that the media has tremendous power to move people and because of freedom of the press and other laws, they are fairly immune to consequences. If anything can be seen as absolute power, it would be the press. Basically, they have control of what people are told so they are in control of the believed truth.
    Look how it handles police cases. Tho a criminal being killed may make the local news, painting the officer as a cold blooded killer makes headlines across the country thus selling more papers or airtime. Because it take time to get all the facts, the police wait before making any public statement. Thing is, the media does not care about all the facts, they just want what will sell the best and that would be anything, true or not, that will make the officer look as guilty as they can. Long before a real trial has even started, the media has already played prosecution, judge, and jury and found the officer guilty. Note the lack of defense given. Because past public official have felt the heat, instead of backing the officer they have turn to throwing them under the bus to protect their jobs. Because police may feel confronting a suspect may put them on trial instead, they lack motivation to make arrests and it also causes less people willing to be officers. Because less criminals are arrested, crime rates rise. Funny thing is, even tho the media was the cause, they still blame the police.
    Another trick the media has learned is to use wordplay to achieve their goal. For instance, claiming that Trump has insulted women would technically true but not in the way it was implied. They attempt to imply that he is sexist but seeing that his insults were directed at specific women and not all women, and the insult was not based on gender, it is not sexist. For instance, if I call a number 12 people fools based on their actions, and 2 of them were women, you could technically say that I called women fools making it look like I am sexist even tho I would not be.
    Until we can make the media accountable for what they publish, they can manipulate people to believe in whatever they want. A long time ago, the media did it's best to be impartial, honest, and trustworthy and some still may be. Unfortunately, today, you might as well read the Enquirer.

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