• Terrorism has increased on behalf of the number of civilian killed.

    The number of Middle East civilians killed, coerced, and suffered have increased dramatically since US intervention in the regions. Back at home in the US, civilians have been more coerced than ever in terms of sustaining their basic individual freedom, individuality, and rights. Sure, the number of US civilian deaths have DECREASED to almost zero, but the current war propaganda system and police force have been far more militarized than ever. We ought to fight against such authoritarian regimes through non-violent, organized efforts of popular resistance, movements, and activism.

  • Yes, the war on terror has led to an increase in terrorism.

    By waging war on terrorists, we have created more problems than we have solved. Our occupancy in other nations has made us enemies that want us out. When the U.S. invaded Iraq, Al Qaeda did not even exist in its borders. By capturing, torturing and killing people in search for information (many of whom are innocent) we have created more terrorists who want revenge and redemption. Of course a war on terror is, or would be, a good thing, but it is not being handled the way that it should. This is allowing more radicals to take up arms against the United States and other countries.

  • Yes, in some ways terrorism has been encouraged.

    Of course we need to be wary about possible terrorism and use our surveillance people and devices. However, calling it a war on terrorism and being pro active in sometimes harming other nations' private citizens has caused more hate to be directed at us. It is time for true diplomats to step up to the plate.

  • The U.S. War on Terror has not increased terrorism.

    The U.S. War on Terror has resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden. There have not been any major terrorist attacks in America since the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Clearly, the war is achieving its intended goal of thwarting terrorists. Other countries should do the same to prevent terror within their borders.

  • The War on terror hasn't increased terrorism.

    The War on Terror in the US has not CREATED terrorism, it has merely highlighted acts that are already occurring or would have occurred anyway. I think it would be naive and a little anti American to blame the war on terror for any sort of violent or noticeable terrorist acts.

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