• Yes the has failed

    It is failed because they are saying that they are trying for peace. But some of the people still make wars and killing each other. So do you think that un has not failed. If it is not failed then y still there is no peace and many are dying because of wars

  • Yes they have.

    Whilst millions of South Sudanese, Palestinians, Somalians, Syrians, Bosnians, Kashmiris, Yemenis, Rohingya and Tibetans are persecuted, The West-centric hegemony that is the UN sits back on its seat, Stick in hand, And urges Eastern and African nations to conform to their "superior" doctrines of human rights, Culture and governance.

    When Malaysia said it couldn't accept parts of the UN Decl. Of Human rights, Due to cultural reasons, Instead of being met with understanding and respect, The UN-ally, The Human Rights Watch group advocated them leaving the UN.

    They advocated the non-cooperation of a soveriegn nation because that nation wouldn't accept parts of a document. . .

    At first glance the UN does seem to be that amazing internationalist organisation which represents all beings on this planet. Sadly this couldn't be further from the truth. When Palestinians were asking for recognition, The US said that the UN would not be able to give such a resolution, But instead it was through a UN resolution that Israel was recognised. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    One of the biggest problem with the UN is the unequal representation of non-western culture. Take the permanent members of the security council, Which have veto rights. All but one can be considered non-western and that is China. The rest: France, The UK, The US and even Russia can be considered parts of western/european cultural influence. That might be fine if. . . Well if those groups formed the majority in the world.

    75% of the world is non-western (and in that I am only including Africa and Asia). If you wanted to be even more strict and if you were to weed out pseudo-western colonial regions of Africa/Asia, You would still have over 60% of the world that does not conform to western culture at all. These are people who fundamentally view the world in a different way. But what representation do they have in the UN? China.

    Ironic though isn't it - China is belated by the west for being a currency-manipulating, Socialistic dictatorship (and some of that may be true), But nonetheless it is the only country in the UN to stand up for eastern culture.

    The least represented view at the UN also tend to be the one the west seems hate, The Islamic view. Muslims accept equality of the races, The rule of law and justice. They differ with the west almost exclusively on sexual jurisprudence, And it's funny how much of a divide this drives. They represent 23% of humanity yet have no country in the UN representing them with Veto power. 23% of humanity just doesn't get a say. Consequently the UN passes injunctions that there should be LGBT rights for all, Even though 23% of the world are fanatically opposed against this and the rest of the world wants the UN to be tackling more pressing issues.

    What's more pressing: Figuring out how to stop ethnic cleansing in South Sudan or imposing your west centric view of sexuality on the rest of the world?

  • Yes the UN has failed

    The UN has absolutely failed in maintaining peace in many places all around the world, there are ethnic conflicts in many parts of the world but the UN has failed in taken action towards this issue. Their action towards armed forces abuse have not been so effective. And also no human or organisation is perfect so they have certainly failed sometimes,but should learn to improve.

  • The UN has failed

    The UN gives too much power to nations like the US and China. These nations have the power to veto out other nations in security issues. Since the 5 nations having the permanent seat on the security council mostly cause these wars, they can veto out any decisions against them.

  • Yes, the Un has failed.

    I support the argument that some people say that the Un hasn't failed but the Un has failed badly on politics , why do i say this , this is because when one country said that they wanted to do something , once the other country says no everything can't be taken out so I do not support that the UN has success.

  • The UN has not failed.

    The UN has absolutely not failed. They have resolved many international conflicts throughout the years and definitely have avoided world war three on multiple occasions. They have made strides towards world peace and overall made the world a much better and safer place to live in. The UN has done so much good in so little time.

  • No, the UN has not failed.

    No, I do not believe that the United Nations has failed. They may have taken a step backwards in recent times, but with any hardship can arise great bonds. I wouldn't particularly say that they have failed until they have actually failed because I am certainly an optimist and would not want to say otherwise.

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