• Oh yes. Absolutely.

    I've lived in Germany and traveled to different countries for many years and I came back to America a couple years ago. Now that we have a new "leader", I hear all my friends from Germany, Scotland, Ireland, England, etc.. They all say the same thing, "This is why I'm glad I'm not American." We are an embarrassment

  • Lol yes the USA is a mockery.

    Now let me be clear, Americans aren't all bad people, like very country they have their good and their bad.

    But, to be frank, there are a lot of people from the US who are ignorant about other countries. Claiming that they're the most free country in the world.

    That's just bollocks. It took you guys forever just to get 'free' healthcare.

    You guys act like when you leagalised gay marriage was like a world revolutionary thing. Yeah, the Netherlands wants a word with you.

    I don't think of Americans as bad people, a lot of pride in their country

    But I think it is a wake up call that the USA isn't this amazing unstoppable force. It's a country, a country with flaws. Like all countries.

  • Yes, the U.S. has become a "mockery".

    The fledging days of President Trump's administration the U.S. has become a mockery of the justice we advocate for the rest of the world. We have are the poster child for hypocrisy and the laughing stock of every civilized country on the planet. All because we elected a petty money-grubbing ass to lead our country.

  • No we have not.

    The United States has not become a mockery. Most Americans live far better lives then the average people around the world. Our government is much more transparent, democratic and reliable then many other governments. Our society is much more compassionate then others. In short, nothing about America should be considered a mockery.

  • No the US has not become a mockery.

    Many media outlets portray Trump as a figure of ridicule. This is very apparent in left wing media.However, many on the right do not see him like this and actually see him as someone that is a strong authority figure. Also many countries around the world see him as a "Strong-man".

  • No, the United States has not become a mockery

    During the short time that Trump has been in office, there is an impression that the United States is going in a new different direction. It is unsteady path and worrisome for our global leaders. The Trump leadership is new and unstable so no one knows that to predict for our future.

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