Has the United States gone too far in protecting privacy?

  • Ok here we go

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  • No they aint

    No, I do not think that the US has gone to far in protecting privacy, and I think that it is pretty easy to get your privacy taken and have a lot of people knowing things that you did not want them to, especially with different social media sites up now.

  • Are you kidding me?

    The NSA PRISM program collects your phone records, internet history and all this other data. This can tell who your friends are, what you like and other types of information. It is very invasive and innocent people should be weary of this. It is non of the government's business of who your friends are and what you like to do. Also, it's pointless. Terrorists know full well how to avoid the metadata tracking.

  • No I don't think so.

    I think the US does just enough in protecting privacy. It is an important issue and they have to be careful how they go about dealing with it since this is considered the free country. For it to remain free they to allow people to have privacy, while still monitor the right amount.

  • The United States doesn't do enough to protect privacy.

    The United States doesn't do enough to protect the privacy of citizens. If it did, there would not be frequent headlines about consumer credit card information being hacked or about social media sites selling user information and tracking internet activity. Private information about individuals would also not be so readily available from a simple internet search.

  • US Doesn't Protect Privacy

    I do not believe the United States has gone too far to protect privacy. I think with the revelations brought out by Snowden, it is more than obvious that the United States government has done nothing to protect privacy. Rather, they have done a great disservice to it's citizens and other nations, by spying on them.

  • No, they protect it very little.

    No, the United States has not gone too far in protecting privacy, because Americans have very little privacy from their own government. The U.S. government keeps information on what each person does on the internet, and the emails that they send. The U.S. government might believe that an American has a right to privacy from other Americans, but they do not believe such a right exists from their own government.

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RussellMania741 says2016-12-28T07:33:23.357
No, the US has done nothing to protect peoples privacy. I will use google and facebook as my prime examples. People love their Android phone because google gives them everything for free though the google play store; those apps really arent free. Most of the apps though the Google Play store
dangerous permissions, over the years they keep getting worse. If your phone ever gets compermised, the hacker can do anything they want. The FBI tried to force Apple to weaken their security.