• We won the War on Terror

    We killed or incarcerated most of al qaida's membership and leadership. We killed Bin Laden their figurehead. We have foiled many many terrorist attacks. Only terror attack was the Boston Marathon Bombing. We have killed about 200,000 insurgents in Iraq n Afghanistan... Even though we will scale down our troop numbers, we will keep some troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan. We will control the 2nd largest oil producer and control the heroin trade...

  • Yes i believe we won the battle, but yes not the War job isn't done then we still have a war to fight.

    I believe if the U.S. would hang in there and stay and finish it off and not lose hope and destroy the Talban ISIS, AND Al Qaeda have been wiped out in my opinion. Its been a long lasting war but i think we have done very well against this group compared to the Vietnam war so.

  • Yes, we have almost won.

    Al Qaeda, the Taliban and ISIS are no longer running the country and in the words of Iraq's Prime Minister, the country is better off now than it was under Hussein, and with ISIS losing more and more ground, and Iraq's newly built new government having kicked ISIS out of Iraq without our help, I think it's safe to say we have won this war.

  • No we haven't

    The U.S. is in a crisis it will never get out of. There will always be terrorists to hunt down and there will always be people who don't like the United States. The U.S. is losing a lot of men and resources in the middle east. But if the U.S. pulls out of the Middle East the Terrorist organizations will just get bigger and bigger.

  • We Won the Battle but not the War

    We have made Al-Qaeda weak and taken out key figureheads in the leadership. We did take a stand against terror and we did do more damage to them than they did to us so in some ways you could say that militarily we were the most dominant side and we have won, we made them ineffective, we control huge areas on territory in Afghanistan and have created an army and police and some form of government. There have been no terrorist attacks since 9/11 but you could argue that was down to better security at home and not what was going on in the middle-east. We won the Battle In Afghanistan but not the war. The War on Terror has not be won yet, there are still terrorists our there forming new training camps and regrouping, we now need to learn from our lessons in Iraq and Afghanistan but at the same time continue the war on terror but with a better more surgical approach rather than a fist and hammer approach. They said this "Jihad would go on for hundred years" and I think it will takes us until the end of the century to determine whether it was all worth it however some things do not quite make sense. 3000 people were killed on 9/11, but yet more people died in Iraq and Afghanistan. So its hard to say really. I think from now on we should continue the war on terrorism, but through the intelligence services and security at home and when necessary use force abroad but through strikes and raids but not large scale invasions. You can only fight an enemy that uses unconventional tactics with unconventional tactics. I think these raids with special forces and air strikes, improved security at home have made the biggest difference to our security, the ground campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan have in some way but I think the threat was over emphasized, are approach was wrong but now that we know that there is no excuse for it in the future. Now we know what works, we know how to fight terrorism now and we can continue doing so in the future but in a much more effective and smarter way.

  • In a way we have won the war on terror

    The war on terror should only be limited to the stability and nation security meaning mainly terrorist attacks within our own country should be either drastically scaled down or eliminated almost entirely. This has been accomplished since the amount of terrorist attacks and fatalities caused by them have been drastically scaled down since the 1970's with 1 attack a year if that which rarely results in fatalities or even has the chance of success for an actual attack. Other countries terrorist problems are their own, we are obliged to train them in dealing with these threats if and when they ask for it and pay for part of the training for the world is not Americas territory and we have already done our job well at home. Besides others countries are now stepping up and taking care of their problems as with Egypt they just crushed the Muslim Brotherhood a major terrorist organization with ties to Al Qaeda that was about to take over Egypt's government. So yes we technically have won the war on terror at home and the war abroad is in the right direction with other countries jumping on the band wagon finally ready to help themselves.

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  • Not a war you can win.

    There is statistics that show that the amount of terrorist in the region of earth called the middle east, where the war on terror have been conducted, have in fact risen dramatically. Meaning the US have created more terrorists than it have killed while killing AT LEAST 1 million innocent people. I do not consider that a victory.

  • No, the US did not won war on terror,

    Big example look what have we got in Iraq and Libya, Syria ISIS was a member of Al Qaide so, if you think the US won the War how come we have all of these extremist group. The US spend our money on protecting it's interest outside the country instead of our security inside. ISIS the biggest example today hundreds of people are joining them to become an extremist state and become powerful by killing any who's against it.

  • No we haven't

    The U.S. is in a crisis it will never get out of. There will always be terrorists to hunt down and there will always be people who don't like the United States. The U.S. is losing a lot of men and resources in the middle east. But if the U.S. pulls out of the Middle East the Terrorist organizations will just get bigger and bigger.

  • There is no way to end it

    The United States declared a war on terror just like it declared a war on drugs. It's the most hypermasculine move a patriarchal society could possibly make - declaring a war on something that cannot be ended or prevented in the short term or the long. The war on terror will never end as acts of what we call "terror" have happened throughout history. Instead of declaring a war, perhaps conditions in society should be improved.

  • The War on Terror Will NEVER Be Won

    There will always be bad people in the world and therefore the United States will never win the war on terror. As is, the United States spends as much money on the military and foreign aid as the next twelve countries COMBINED. The United States can do all it wants to try and end it, but it will never be won.

  • Not really.

    We can't win the war itself by fighting terrorism with terrorism. This is entirely different from nation's army vs nation's army like the Korean War and the first Gulf War.

    It's like the war on drugs for example, War on drugs is a waste of money and resources. We create more drugs than ever before since.

  • No the United States has not "won" the War on Terror.

    This war was never meant to be won. Just like the war on the drugs before it. It was meant as a war on the people more than anything else, a war that really has no end. All of the privacy invasions, all of the chipping away at freedoms the US government has done in the last decade in one form or another since this "War on Terror" began, could never have been justified without it and they knew it. They needed an enemy to make us afraid of, so we'd give up our rights easier, just like with the War on Drugs. Come up with an enemy or threat for us to be perceived to need to fight against or fear, and you are easy putty to be molded in any way the government wants you to be. That is the true agenda and purpose of a war on just about anything.

    So no, the US hasn't "won' the War on Terror, because it's not a war designed to have an outcome or an end.

  • The War on Terror- Not Over Yet

    The War on Terror is not finished yet. We may have killed Osama bin Laden, but the threat of terrorism is still very real and present. Al Qaeda still trains recruits in Northern Africa, and domestic terrorism is a present threat. We must understand that this war may never be finished, but we should be mindful of the fact that American security is essential.

  • No, and it can't win, either.

    The United States has not and will never win the "War on Terror" because it is simply not possible to win a "war" on a vague concept. For the same reason, the US will never win the "War on Drugs," or the "War on Poverty," or any other wars with names like this. Making real goals and accomplishing them to reduce the amount of terrorism is a very achievable goal, but winning some vaguely-defined "war" on an idea is not.

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