• Yes, For US

    The US has done enough to combat ebola. It seems as though the disease has been completely cured in the few isolated US cases. It almost seems like it was planned that way or something. The ebola virus is still a major issue in the African territories, but I don't think that the US has any immediate obligation to step in and fight the disease. If African officials specifically ask the US medical community for help, then by all means, the US should share our research and information to assist in combating the disease, but we shouldn't try to save the world, when US action wouldn't actually solve the problem at the root.

  • It is not our duty.

    Of course we have done enough to combat Ebola. The US has come up with its own plan, appointed a professional in order to deal with the crisis, and put even partially subsidized MB-003, a branch of an Ebola-curing drug. Also, at the end of the day, what it really comes down to is whether it is the duty of the US or not to aid Ebola patients in West Africa, and, when one studies the Constitution and practically every statement/law ever made by US officials, it is not necessarily our duty, therefore proving that we have already done enough. The US can be awfully nosey at times.

  • We have amazing doctors. Let's use them.

    The U.S., especially New England has prided itself on having some of the best facilities and doctors in the world. If another part of the world is suffering and we have the facilities and the minds to help them why should we just let them suffer? We have the ability to find a vaccine for this disease. We have doctors who would help those poor people in Africa. If we have that and they don't why should we just sit here and watch? If someone is suffering then it becomes our duty to help. If we have the means to fix it why should we just leave them to die?

  • No Oh Hell No.

    The U.S.A has not done enough to combat Ebola. 1.) Ebola starts 2.) A cry for help comes from Africa 3.) Obama says " lets send some doctors to help them" 4.) We sent doctors 5.) Doctors get sick with Ebola 6.) Obama tells them to come back to the U.S even knowing there sick 7.) They Quarantine them 8.) The Doctors of those who are sick get sick 9.) They meet friends and family get on planes and buses making the potential spread of ebola higher than it already was. So if you think we did anything to help it we didn't. Plus we can't do anything as a population because almost everything that happens that is bad we depend on the government to help fix what is needed. Someday there will be no government for us to rely on and majority of us won't know what to do to survive so when something does happen like this you need to learn how to protect your self against certain diseases.

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