• The government has become too big

    The government is there to ensure that the rights of people are protected. It has, however, gone from being a mediator and impartial judge to a hovering parent that is simply too involved in every little thing. We intervene in countries that we have no business in, so this megalomania is not merely limited to the United States populace.

  • What is the Government doing?

    The United States government by all means has lost its touch with what it's supposed to be doing these days. The majority o everybody seems to care more about there political party then the issues at hand. Everybody wants to point fingers at other people and not themselves. If democrats and republicans don't put aside their issues anytime soon we are only going to see the United Stares government look more inept.

  • Our governmnet has forgotten its role

    Our government has forgotten its role in many ways. All it seems to do now day is fight with the other political party. Instead of caring and listening to the American people, the government is more concerned about the well being of its politicians and their well being. What the government needs to do is realize the its role in the society.

  • American government is stretched.

    The goal of our government is to be the most good to the most people. The government has gotten to far stretched in the aims and directions of it's policies. Perhaps there have been many examples of recent executive powers use. There are remedies for that in the vote on all levels of government.

  • They are leading us

    No, they have not forgotten their role, and are working hard to fix this country.The problem comes in when they try to decide on something and push a bill through, but both sides, the republicans and democrats, disagree on everything that the other side puts out, so nothing gets done.

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