Has The Use of Copyright by Companies Gone Too Far?

  • The Great Critic Purge.

    Big name entertainment companies (looking at you Fox) are filing copyright claims against people who post content that is owned by them. That is fine. What is not okay is when a company files a copyright notice against someone simply because they include a short clip or image into their video on Youtube or other video sharing sites. For example, reviewing their content is not copyright infringement, as it falls under "fair use". However, that doesn't stop Disney or Fox or Viacom from blocking people's voices without consequences. These corporations are abusing the copyright laws.

  • Companies need to be careful.

    If these companies are not careful with what they copyright, their original works could get stolen. New ideas take lots of work, effort, and tons of expensive investments. To have all of that skimmed through and taken away, it is a bigger loss to the company than it may seem.

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