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  • More people are hurt than helped

    June 17, 1971 President Nixon declared: “America's Public Enemy Number One in the United States is drug abuse. In order to fight and defeat this enemy, it is necessary to wage a new all-out offensive.” This came to be known as the War on Drugs (47 years ago)

    1980 377,175 arrests for drug offenses in the U.S. The prison population was 302,377. (38 y.A.)
    2016 1,572,579 for drug abuse violations. The prison population was 1,505,400.
    What good has this done?

  • No, the war on drugs has been ineffective

    I fail to see any real effect that the war on drugs has accomplished except having filled our prison system with people who have small time violations. Drugs are still widely available and selling drugs is an attractive occupation for some because there is a lot of money to be made. The war on drugs ought to be aimed at eliminating drug traffickers at the source so there would be no illegal drugs available. Obviously, any attempt at doing that has failed.

  • It has been very ineffective

    The U.S war on drugs has been really ineffective either due to lack of power or due to ignorance. If the U.S concentrated as much time and effort into drug trafficking as they do to control borders to regulate immigrants, they would have lowered the amount of drugs available in the U.S a lot. Maybe the U.S is benefiting from these drug trades. Who knows?

  • Define effective

    The war on drugs has worked to discriminate against racial and economic minorities by targeting those who live in high crime areas and sticking them with large penalties and long jail sentences. This is worked to help upper middle class populations gentrify those areas as well as to continue to perpetuate different systems of oppression in the United States

  • The war on drugs. Were there is a will (a buyer) there is a way . . .

    No matter how hard you fight drug cartels and smugglers, human ingenuity will always conquer especially when there is large amounts of money at stake. No matter how much illicit drugs are confiscated there will always be more to grow, manufacture and produce. Think of prohibition in early 1920s United States. Even though there were illegal stills and barrels of alcohol destroyed the the illicit sale and distribution was steady if not increased in some ways. So therefore providing money, supplies, equipment and lives to fight the war on drugs is not worth investment. You may slightly hinder it a but never solve the problem.

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