• Yes, it has

    The war on terror has obviously led to the growth of human rights, however I believe to prevent terrorists, you have to screen everyone who fits the description. Many people may think that its not right, but I feel that to keep the majority safe, you need to screen those that are suspicious.

  • Yes, War on terror has contributed to the growing abuse of human rights

    Many peoples in Pakistan affected by this proxy war migrated towards the other urban areas in this way the lost their right of own home,education. It has become one of the reason for the budget increments for defense and other expanses resulting rise of which might have been used for health, education, poverty alleviation

  • Yes, I think the war of terror has contributed to the growing abuse of human rights.

    I think Governments have pointed at the War on Terror as justification to take away the rights of privacy of average citizens, with new laws and restrictions imposed on everything from airports to financial transactions it slowly is taking away our rights and freedoms, I think the Government is making a mistake by doing this.

  • yes it has

    yes, I do think that the war on terror has made a lot of countries go against what we are trying to teach, and that they are going to make a whole lot more trouble go on in the world since they are going to take away a lot of rights.

  • Unfortunately it has.

    Since the war on terror has began, a lot of lives have been lost. America and its allies lost lives, our enemies lost lives, and innocents in war have lost lives. Aside from that, legislation such as the patriot act has been passed which erodes the rights of Americans in general.

  • Obviously It Has

    The War on Terror has contributed to the growing abuse of human rights. It has led to the overuse of the term terrorist, which has led to many people being denied the normal rights that are afforded to people when being charged as criminals. It has also been used by the US government to justify the programs of the NSA.

  • No and yes.

    I would much rather have rules and stricter regulations to make sure me and my family are safe from attacks. I believe some of the new laws are pretty severe but if they help prevent attacks or bombings then go for it. However, I do not agree that every single person coming over from another country at war should be considered a terrorist. Some of those people are just trying to get away from the mass killings and the terror they face over there.

  • The war on terror

    No, the war on terror has not lead to the growing abuse of human rights because the laws imposed on airports and things of that such are not for invading privacy of citizens, but to keep them safe from the many terrorist in this world that are trying to hurt innocent civilians

  • War on Terror verses Human Rights

    One has nothing to do with the other. The war on terror is held as country against country. The abuse of human rights is in every country, and happens every day. The war on terror can include abusing human rights, but I do not believe it has contributed to more abuse of human rights.

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