• Yes

    The war on terror has been a huge failure. Not only has it cost the United States billions if not trillions of dollars and a number of human lives, it has not stopped terrorist organizations from plotting attacks against the world. Whenever we take out the head figures of these terrorist organizations, another steps in to take his place.

  • Yes.

    The war on terrorism was obviously against terrorism, but American soldier's mere presence in terrorized countries like Iran and Afghanistan has sparked even more terrorism in countries outside of these like Egypt and Europe. It is possible, however that these acts of terrorism would have occurred whether the war happened or not.

  • Yes, Terrorists Feed on the Media Frenzy

    Yes, the war on terror has led to more terrorism. Terrorists are extremists who live solely to cause death and destruction in the most lavish, spectacular ways possible. These acts bring them into the spotlight by splashing their acts across all media formats for days and sometimes months. To the terrorist, the media attention is their reward – it spotlights what to them is a major accomplishment. This feeds the desire to continue.

  • No, the war on terror has not led to an increase in terrorism.

    The war on terror is a battle against an intangible thing. We are not fighting a country, or army, or group, or anything. We are fighting an idea. Over 1 million people are on the US terrorist watch list. The only reason why there would be an increase in terrorism is if the government needs to make a strategic move somewhere on the globe. Groups can be called "terrorists" for just about any reason imaginary. So if the US military wants to invade a space to take over operations of resources and land, the group becomes one "suspected of terrorist activity".

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