Has the War on Terror succeeded in creating more terrorists than it has killed?

  • But of course it has created more terrorism.

    The simple idea of doing terrorist actions never occur to the people that do them. They believe they are or were chosen to do that by the bidden of their 'God'. As a matter od fact I can tell you that this is no amusing thing, these people are blind in their actions. Terrorism has increased instead of decrease because, since they believe God chose them and if they die for the cause they will enter to heaven they become martyrs. Therefore making more people believe that what they are doing is correct.

  • It seems to have done just that

    Generally speaking, I do think that the War on Terror has created more terrorists than it has killed. This is due to terrorist using the United States actions in their country as a demonstration that we are 'assassinating' their people. This build the hate in those that do not understand what is really happen; thus creating more terrorist.

  • More Than Likely

    I believe given the context of the War on Terror and the continued misuse of the term terrorist, it has created far more terrorists than it has killed. I believe the War on Terror is foolish because it is impossible to remove terrorists completely from society. Society will always have to deal with violence.

  • it has not

    No, I think that the war on terror has done a good job with making a lot of people in the world thinking twice about whether or not they want to try something, and have their whole country go to war with the US, who will kill the terrorists out.

  • But more animosity

    The War on Terror doesn't necessarily create more terrorists (although, considering that most anyone who ever interacts with a terrorist is also considered a terrorist, this is a grey area), but this is hard to really say. The War on Terror most definitely has increased resentment towards the US in certain parts of the world.

  • We simply realized the extent of the problem.

    No, I don't think that our actions in the War on Terror have created more terrorists -- dead or alive. The 9/11 attacks were the result of a buildup of anti-American sentiment among certain Muslim sects in the Middle East. It did not create more terrorists, it simply showed us how many there actually were.

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