• State terrorism is wholesale, small groups are retail amateurs

    By killing civilians indiscriminately, America's seemingly endless war in Afghanistan motivates more Taliban fighters than it kills. The same applies to Obama's drone war in an unknown number of countries. The US invasion of Iraq was a huge war crime - aggression - that led to the death of over a million Iraqis, most of them civilians [http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Lancet_surveys_of_Iraq_War_casualties]. Aggression is a worse crime than terrorism in international law [UN Charter]. The longer Special Forces and drones operate in dozens of countries, the longer terrorism will continue.

  • Yes, the war on terrorism has failed.

    The war on terrorism has failed because, like the war on drugs, you are attempting to fight something that cannot be controlled with force. The solution to terrorism is not to go into a country that is supposedly harboring people with terrorist values and killing their citizens. By using force against force, the war on terrorism is just creating more terrorists to incite more violence. There is a negative feedback loop here that the U.S' government fails to take into account when forwarding its agenda.

  • Because it was flawed from the beginning

    The idea that any nation or group of nations can win a war against an abstract idea, like terrorism, is laughable. You cannot win a war against something that is completely subjective. Terrorism exists, but it exists in the mind of the beholder. One man's terrorism is another man's freedom fighter. Because of this no one could ever win a "war on terrorism".

  • No,Not At All

    No, the war on terrorism has not failed. What people do not realize is that terrorists are not a small group with finite numbers. Terrorists are an entire people, a mindset, a way of life – when one dies, another moves up to take his place – and there will always be that one more standing in the wings. You cannot eradicate an entire people, an entire way of life, or an entire set of beliefs. When religious fanaticism infects a people, it cannot be eradicated.

  • No we have been winning

    We have to keep an eye out for terror to keep the country safe but terrorists have been having a hard time making progress since Obama has taken over.

    We have a true hawk in chief with President Obama, he's not scared to use force when needed to bring down our enemies and the world knows it.

    Terror has been reduced and will keep fading for the next four years at least.

  • Yes, It has no end.

    It has created more terrorism, killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and displaced millions. The war on terror has failed because its aims are yet to be achieved and that's because they are unattainable. Until there is still Western involvement in the Middle East, there will be no peace because the war on terror is breeding the next generations of terrorists.

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