Has the women's equal rights movement negatively impacted the nationwide birth rate?

  • Of course.

    The decline in birth rate can't totally be attributed to equal rights. The cost of having children has skyrocketed since the 1960's and 1970's. It is really too expensive to have a child anymore. Now, women have higher ranking positions in government and business, and they don't have enough time to raise their children like they were raised. This is a positive thing for women. This doesn't help the divorce rate either, that has just gone through the roof. Women's lib has had a huge impact on birth rate, causing drastic social change.

  • We Are Losing Respect, Not Earning It

    Because of our attempts at equal rights for men and women, suddenly we as women are no longer the loving mothers and wives we should be! The next generation already had some flaws, but with the women's rights movement taking mothers out of their homes and wives away from their husbands, divorce rates have never been higher, and if women even decide to have their children (notice I had to say decide), they don't give them the full care and attention they need as growing human beings going into the harsh and unforgiving world.

  • Especially when abortion is one of their main tenets.

    Is it any wonder that the birthrate is declining when all the liberal women (60% of American women) believe in ripping their tiny children from their bodies so they can continue their careers?
    This is not rocket science. People who religiously believe that it's okay to kill their own children, will have lower birth rates.

  • Yes it has.

    Women's liberation has definitely negatively impacted the birth rate. There has been a steady decline in both the amount of children coupleshould have and the frequency I'm which children are born. It is mostly due to the societal changes caused by Feminists who wanted to drastically restructure America, and they have. Birth control, different life goals and an end to the sanctity of marriage have all conspired to reduce the rate of births in America. The are all social changes brought about my Fembots.

  • Yes, in an odd way it has.

    The women's equal rights movement encouraged women to move out into the work force and have their own careers. That fact alone put a damper on the idea of having large families, but women also put off getting married in order to pursue an education. Once a sufficient number of women had joined the workforce married couples had an increased income and correspondingly the cost of living went up. Two incomes meant houses could cost more. It came to the point that it actually required two incomes in order to afford a home and family, but with two people working it was increasingly difficult to care for children. There are a lot of other reasons people are choosing not to have a large family, or a family at all, but in the beginning of the woman's movement the mere idea that a woman could compete outside the home was a large factor in the declined birth rate.

  • Yes, but its not the only answer

    There are a lot of reasons that the birth rate has been impacted. People are feeling more stressed then ever due to the economy and the divorce rate that has come up. Parents dont want to raise their children in such a tense society. And parents just flat out do not have time for parenting.

  • No, It Hasn't Done Anything Like That

    The availability of contraception and the greater understanding of sexual education has done that. True, those have be demands of the women's rights movement. Plus, the question assumes that a higher birth rate is a good thing. It isn't. The last thing this nation ever needs is more unwanted pregnancies.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Until life expectancy lowers, birth rates cannot rise.

    As life expectancy is at an all time high, it is unfeasible for each family to produce 6 children, as was the average in 1870, as there is simply not enough resources to support so many people. The harsh reality is that people have to die in order for others to be born. There is no disputing that the women's equal rights movement has impacted birth rates, but to call it a negative is narrow minded.

  • I wouldn't say its such a negative effect.

    It isn't bad that women now have professional jobs and focus on themselves or their career,or that some women just simply don't want any children and I'm not saying having kids is a bad thing either just saying that being a mother isn't for everyone. That's just my opinion though.

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