• Zombies long time coming

    Yes they’re Here yes yes yes yep yep yep si senor yeah yah oh oh they’re heeeere yep yep well yeah dummy yepper yes sir / mam ten four good buddy yyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeesssss ah ah ah ah yikes yikes help help help me me me g-d they’re eating me! Help! Y e s

  • Technachly yes it has

    Well it started like 5 years ago. Rabies broke out! Rabies can control you and your mind. We all know if a person with rabies bites you and it goes into your bloodstream. BAM you got rabies! Even people with rabies can give you rabies if they can bite through your skin! I know it sounds stupid but it is true!

  • No it has not

    Rabies is a whole other different thing. Rabies is a disease. Who would even bit another person. It maybe little kid but, what are the chances of a small kid getting rabies. Do you know what I mean. Again raboes is a whole other different thing than that. Okay now.

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