Has there been enough mucoid plaque research performed to determine if it's scientifically credible?

  • Mucoid plaque is a conventional medical concept

    There has been LOTS of mucoid plaque research. See

    https://mucoidplaqueguru. Blogspot. Com/2019/04/mucoid-plaque-is-scientifically-proven. Html

    for details. It's a mixture of necrotic cellular debris, Fibrin, And mucus that forms over damaged areas of the mucosa. It's caused from the food that you eat. Medical science most commonly calls it "mucoid cap" but occasionally calls it "mucoid plaque".

  • Physicians Don't Support It

    By and far most physicians will tell you that mucoid plaque is a myth and they believe the products sold on the Internet actually create the so-called plaque found in pictures. Given that the digestive system has a natural mucous covering and it should be maintained, I believe these treatments are unhealthy. I do not believe more research is needed.

  • Well-documented and credible.

    There has been enough mucoid plaque research performed to determine that it is in fact scientifically credible. There are photos of the plaque, research on its effects in the body, and treatment options all well-documented. Only people who do not believe in the benefits of alternative medicine tend to discredit this.

  • Mucoid plaque is harmless.

    No, there has not been enough mucoid plaque research to determine if it's scientifically credible, because it appears that if mucoid plaque exists, that it exists naturally in the body and it is not harmful. Those who think that mucoid plaque is harmful, likely want to sell body cleansing drinks or other such health foods.

  • No, there hasn't been.

    There hasn't been any medical research speaking about mucoid plaque that I can find anywhere. There is nothing in scientific journals. All I see are a bunch of snake oil salespeople trying to sell things that will get rid of mucoid plaque. And of course it's called a toxin, as is everything else in alternative medicine.

  • We need more

    No, I think that research in this topic had not been researched enough, and that we need more evidence by science to determine if it is for sure credible or not. I think soon this will be studied more, and we will know for sure whether or not its credible.

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