• Trump is doing the right thing for the USA

    Please do not think of Democrat or Republican, Many decisions from this President are common sense. We would rather need a blunt President than a pretentious one. Stop being so biased or one-sided, Many people may not like what he says or thinks, But we have to accept that he has the gut to tell the truth. Now think about this: the bottom line is he does not need to be a people-pleaser or yes-man to be a great leader.

  • He is a pathetic joke

    Trump is doing the opposite of a good job. He is a huge joke to the rest of the world. The type of person he is: an egotistical narcissist makes him unfit to be a politician. The only life he values is his own, He is not interested in being altruistic and he could care less about other people's hardships. On a final note, Trump is too blunt for politics. Did you hear about the new chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney? He called Trump a "terrible human being", And he's right.

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