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  • No he has not

    The short answer is: No. Media outlets and environmental groups have tried to find evidence of this claim since 2011 but have come up short. We could not readily find references to Trump’s environmental awards in news coverage over the past 10 years. We checked with the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund, the Environmental Defense Fund and the Sierra Club, and none had any record of Trump’s environmental awards.

  • It is controversial.

    Usually to win an award for something, especially for something having to do with environmental things, your stance has to be liberal or controversial. Trump is certainly controversial, but not in a liberal away. The people that vote on awards like that certainly don't want to honor someone for doing things they think are bad.

  • No, Trump has not received awards for his environmental stance.

    No, Trump has not received awards for his environmental stance, unless they are awards from oil companies. He does everything to fight environmental regulation, and he will continue to be a nightmare for this country. He wants to make money at the expense of everyone around him, and we must stop him.

  • No, Trump has not received awards for his stance and lack of leadership on enviornmental issues.

    No, Donald Trump has not been acknowledged or received any credible awards for his dangerous stance on environmental issues. As a candidate for President, Donald Trump made statements that declare his denial of climate change, often noting that he is not sure that the claims made by well-accepted science and environmental protection organizations are true.

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