Has US intervention in Iraq done more good than harm?

  • Yes it has.

    The United States intervention in Iraq had done more good than harm. If the United States did not intervene, there would be many more people dead in the world today because of the action of the Iraq government. There is no way you can look at it and say that it was more harmful.

  • The country has stabilized.

    Yes, US intervention in Iraq has done more good than harm, because the country is a lot more stable than it used to be. Regionalism has decreased. Iraq is moving towards a self-government. They are also less of a threat to the rest of the world. The US' calculated decision to go into Iraq paid off.

  • Yes it has.

    The US intervention in Iraq has done more good than harm. It has taken a while for us to actually get anywhere with it but we have been able to help people in another country feel safer and be able to provide what little we have for them so they can live better lives.

  • US Caused More Harm in Iraq

    Without a doubt, United States intervention in Iraq has caused more harm than good. Our country has been involved in the killings of countless innocent Iraqi citizens. There's no reason that our country should have invaded Iraq. Therefore, we need to remove ourselves from that country and call it a loss.

  • Quite the opposite

    The region is more unstable than it was when we went into it, the people dislike us more than they did, and all we've really done is proven that the region is not fixable. That's not worth the money, lives or time that were invested in going into it, it was a dumb idea when we did it and it still is.

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