• Does entertaining equal good?

    Uwe Bolle is not Stanley Kubrick. He isn't going to knock your socks off with character development or production value. What he is going to do is create a moment of entertainment that is memorable even if that memory is composed of B-movie value. Keep low expectations and you can get a high reward.

  • He's got some okay movies, but most are trash.

    He has some good movies to his credit, mainly in his pre-House of the Dead era, but ever since House of the Dead almost every movie by him has been pretty crappy. He generally takes a good premise and turns it into a crappy product, even if not always his fault. His In The Name of the King movie, for one, had a pretty good cast and premise, but the plot and storyline had a lot of elements that weren't original and seemed to be taken straight from other films at times.

  • Uwe Boll has made good movies.

    Although there are many people who consider Uwe Boll to be a terrible director, there are some movies that he has made that are very good. The views are to be at each person's discretion, so it is normal for some to believe that his work is not good. His work is his own version of creative and for some his work is good work.

  • Not a huge fan

    I'm not a big fan of Uwe Bolle as his movies are usually not all that great. I feel that he puts things together that are kind of over the top and tries to make you think bigger is better and violence is the best thing in the world. I would not recommend his movies.

  • Call Him the Worst Director (Then Duck)

    He has had numerous failed movies and after following a failed kickstarter, he just had a huge meltdown. Nothing says good director like failed movie after movie. Why keep dropping bombs for major studios when you can fail all on your own. Well, that's just it., he can't even do that.

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