• I believe voting is nothing more than a television show like american idol.

    Whether you are a democrat, republican, rent is too damn high, or green, we can all agree that most of the american public is uneducated. Many of them will vote for the candidate, not on their political views or how they feel the country should be run, but if they are "attractive" or on their popularity. I mean, if you are known you must be smart....Right? I see people (in my personal experience) and they told me who they've voted for. One woman voted/isvoting for trump because he's "cute." Is this what presidential elections have come to? Is voting even worth the effort? Is putting your ballot in in hopes to make a change even worth it anymore? A statistic (I don't usually trust statistics nor do I remember the name of the website I got it from...Sorry) it said around 85% of Americans aren't educated on politics. So is voting really going to help if our friends and families don't even know the candidates or their views?

  • Well, depends on what "vote" you are referring to.

    Our true vote... How we spend our money... Continues to be in our control. Yes, we are manipulated to believe it is not, but in fact no one is able control that except ourselves.

    Of course the presidential election is a practically a farce to keep the status quo. We vote for the best speaker and sharpest dresser, not the candidate with the smartest ideas or strongest leadership skills.

    Philosophers must be kings, and kings philosophers. Down with Democracy!!

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