Has Welfare Reform Helped Poor Women Improve Their Lives?

  • Welfare helps women

    I personally am a woman and was on welfare for women and children so I could feed my family at a period of my life that was desperate. I have now been off welfare for a while and have paid back what was given to me with taxes. It helps women.

  • Yes, welfare reform is helpful.

    No one is helped by just being given money with no expectation that they will move on to something better. A woman who is at home with young children and no support needs immediate help. But she also needs help getting job training and finding a job later so she can take pride in a career.

  • No, welfare programs do not help.

    Welfare programs are actually not helpful to anyone at all. The problem with welfare is it takes the form of increased taxes. Anything that increases taxes increases the cost of living, so while the women have more money, everything that they have to purchase now costs a considerable amount more.

  • Welfare reform has not helped poor women improve their lives.

    Welfare reform has not helped poor women improve their lives.The problem is that they expect poor women to work without providing practical training or child care,Any kind of reform definitely has to take a comprehensive approach by preaching not just personal responsibility but much more of a community type approach.

  • As A Poor Woman

    As a poor woman I would say that welfare reform has not helped me improve my life. I attempted to go to college and found that I was relying on my credit cards to pay the bills, which in the end left me with no degree, no job, and certainly no assistance. What I do receive, or rather my child (his health care) is of poor quality and requires me to jump through several hoops and massive amounts of red tape where I have to report basically everything about my life to government agencies. Welfare reform has been the dissolution of some programs that made it possible to function in society.

  • No, it has made them dependent.

    No, welfare reform has not helped poor women improve their lives, because it has made them dependent on government handouts. If women are given handouts, they do not have any incentive to delay children, or to be careful not to have more children than they can afford. They have no incentive to make sure their children's fathers are willing to provide for them. Welfare allows women to make poor choices that keeps them dependent.

  • Welfare reform has made it harder for poor women to improve their lives

    So often reform in government means to take away or restrict resources. It seems that the best way to save money on welfare spending would be to get rid of the high paid government officials who can't manage to do their jobs (government shutdown for example) and allow some level headed women in need to take over the administration of programs and allocation of program funding. Allow people who have been there to decide how things should run instead of people who think welfare is for the trash at the bottom of the barrel, who think people are just looking for handouts while buying big T.V.s. The people at the bottom of the ladder are getting sick of being stepped on by people who think they aren't worth the footprint.

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