Has Western 21st century philosophy lost its usefulness?

Asked by: cludwig
  • Philosophy has lost its way.

    Traditionally, the focus of philosophy has been to search for ways to become a better human being, and ways to live better lives. In the academic world, philosophical writings have become increasingly theoretical and formulaic. Such an absolute quest for logic however, has removed the practical aspect of philosophy; thus removing it from the realm of the real world to that of the theoretical and the academic. Such writings provide no insights into self-betterment and growth, but rather, drag philosophy into irrelevance, impractically and the real of public indifference. Furthermore, the cynical rhetoric of these writings can be off-putting and anti-motivational.

  • We base life of philosophy

    It is always useful to have some type of philosophy in your life to guide you moraly. We base goverments, our every day life, off of philosphy, so saying philosphy is not useful is so irrational thay many people would not even bother to argue because of how ignorant you sound

  • It's actually quite interesting

    If you want the sort of practical moral philosophy you are talking about, you should consult Peter Singer or Shelly Kagan. However, philosophy is more than just ethics; and there are interesting thinkers from one I studied in college, Linda Zagzebski to David Chalmers and Daniel Dennet. There are also some interesting Christian philosophers, such as George Coyne. I feel if you want to look at philosophy simply as a moral driver, you're missing the point of philosophy. What is the point of being moral if you don't even know what a human being is. Plus, an awesome thing about philosophy is the tradition is ancient, so if there are no good philosophers now you can go back in history and read from those people.

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