Has western influence adversely affected Asian values?

  • Western influence is not always positive

    Western influence, especially commercialism and the expectation of instant gratification has adversely affected Asian values. Consider the media portrayal of Asians as nerds or social outcasts, which sends the message that, it's not "cool" or "popular" to study hard and do well in school. Children and teen cartoons, shows, and movies are filled with "sassy" characters who are disrespectful to adults and to each other, often without negative consequences. The Asian community traditionally values honor, diligence, respect, and duty to family. These values can be at odds with constant exposure to commercial goods and the attitudes and behaviors portrayed on Western television and in the media.

  • Depends on which Western countries

    If there's any country that Japan has anything in common with it's countries like Spain, Germany (who was Japan's ally) and Italy (also was Japan's ally), not England or Denmark. Many of the things is warmth, conservative (not necessarily puritanical though) values, and opposition to abortion. Many other things. And for those who think Japan's drive to industrialization came from the English and Danish, no. It came well before WWII.

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