Has youth crime gotten better (yes) or worse (no)?

  • Youth crime has gotten better.

    Youth crime has gotten better. If you go by merely the statistics, youth crime has dropped because of the stricter prosecution standards. More youth, I believe, do not commit crimes as often because of the repercussions. However, I still feel the courts could do a better job at sentencing the serious offenders to provide safety to the victims. If you are willing to do the crime then your age should not have a factor in the sentence that you receive.

  • Yes and no (about the same)

    I believe youth crime as been about the same as it has always been. It is hard to say one way or another because the population rises increasing the amount of youths we have. So let's say before we had 10 kids out of a 100 who did crime. Now times both numbers by 10 (100 out of 1000) the 100 looks worse, but out of how many kids is what needs to be considered.

  • Youth crime has gotten worse.

    There are fewer taboos in contemporary society than there were even just a few decades ago. As taboos fade away, so does the feeling of shame about committing acts that might fall out of the traditional norms of society. This includes crime. People, particularly young people, view crime in general with less severity than in the past, and are subsequently not as likely to shy away from it for fear of embarrassment or humiliation. This has been further perpetuated by the somewhat glamorous treatment of young celebrities who commit crimes for which their reputations do not suffer at all.

  • Youth crime has increased in some and decreased in others

    The amount of crime is based on what the crime is . The persons born in 1970 and upward went through a large period of time where drugs were a large presence in every aspect of their lives including , but not inclusive to , cocaine in drinks , medicines and a whole ton of marijuana . In 2013 and forward these drugs have become less present in daily lives but underage drinking has increased and more violent crimes have increased . These crimes though weighted differently are still crimes in the eyes of any prosecutor .

  • Youth Crime Gotten Worse

    In many ways, youth crime has gotten worse because the level of crime has grown severely. Younger criminals are now committing far more heinous acts at a larger rate than ever before. With that in mind, youth crime has not gotten better over the past few years by any means.

  • Youth crime has not changed, much.

    Youth crime has not changed much in the way of it being better or worse. I believe that we live in the age of the media, so every event that happens involving youth criminal activity will get magnified a thousand times more than it would have in the recent past.

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