Hasn't it become quite obvious by now that both republicans and democrats are one in the same entity that is under the control of individuals that don't wish to be known to the world?

Asked by: corvino21
Hasn't it become quite obvious by now that both republicans and democrats are one in the same entity that is under the control of individuals that don't wish to be known to the world?
  • Its obvious isn't it.

    I think especially after Obama's election this has become plainly obvious for anyone thats been paying attention to politics since 9-11. From bankers, to oil companies, to the israeli lobby, to powerful individuals inside the white house like Kissinger or Brezinski, to outside the white house like the Koch brothers and the Rockefellers, that the whole rep vs dem debate is just a ruse ment to keep american people divided amongst ourselves.

  • Who could argue with logic that makes sense

    They are working for the same goal total control of Americans ,they create scandals to keep our minds distracted while congress runs a circus to no where. We need total unity behind a new party with one goal, get our government back. Everything else is failure and division will we ever put our differences aside and reach for what's ours?

  • Yes, to some extent.

    It is true that the democratic and republican parties are run by politicians who have ulterior motives for keeping these two parties in action and seemingly in a contest with each other. There is the illusion of difference so that the political system can keep operating and those in power can stay in power.

  • They give you a choice, to make you think you are free

    Both republicans and democrats although they stand for opposing principles they both will never insult or fight against there benefactors, the one percent, the CEO's and Banksters of the world. Every person in DC is a pawn to the one percent whether they know it or not and that is why our interests will never be satisfied by Republicans or Democrats

  • New world order

    The new world order is a well known conspiracy theory. It is believed that the most wealthiest people such as political leaders have one goal in mind. That goal is to create one government and control every human being on this earth. There goal is to control the thoughts and actions of the whole human race. By doing so they mind control many people using the media. We are forced to believe that Democrats and Republicans are part of different partys, but in realiry they have the same goal in mind.

  • Obviously. Just look at the wars we've caused that one side has "Opposed"

    Let me start off by saying VP Biden was quoted as saying "We will be out of the middle east by 2014"
    Well, now they are pushing a agreement to station over 10,000 troops there until 2024.
    Why? You may ask?
    If you actually think what i'm saying is crazy, do some research. You have one of the greatest tools to acquire information in front of you, in the age of knowledge, ignorance is a choice

  • It's been obvious

    Yes, I have been under the impression for years that the GOP and Democrats held the same values. Then after finally looking at the parties history and production I've realized that they are one of the same. They both want to oppress their constituents than represent them, whether it's a welfare of warfare state. They both are sponsored by big business and have recently not been private about it.

  • Not at all

    They both stand for completely different things and their beliefs almost always conflict. I believe there is a lot of corruption but the parties are not the same. Certainly they do not have the same motives, as they are probably payed off by different groups to do their bidding. Anyways, both parties should be removed from power, as they are both going to destroy us if we allow them. It's time for politicians who will actually listen to the people and do what is best for the country.

  • This is conspiracy bull

    That is clearly just conspiracy crap, both parties are very different. I bet this guy was high, there is no illuminati or whatever. Im a tea party republican and this is bull. I would never support any pro gay bible hating freedom destroying constitution burning crap. Once again, this is a conspiracy.

  • Aww hell naww.

    No seriously.
    Republicans and Democrats are different parties with different values. Now, let's say that they are the one and the same entity. Who would the individuals be that do not want to be known to the world? And how would they remain hidden for so long? The Democrats vs. Republicans battle is still raging on and it will perhaps never be solved. But mark my words. Why come up with unfounded and inaccurate propaganda?

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