• Yes, the war on drugs failed.

    The war on drugs failed because there never really was one. To be perfectly honest, there should not have been an attempt to have one in the first place. Our imagined attempts to stop people from ingesting the substances they want to, have led to violence. If we instead legalized these substances, gangs and cartels would be less active in our country.

  • yes

    I believe the war on drugs has incredibly failed. Mainly because it is an endless army of people, as long as there is demand for drugs and poverty people are always going to recur to the drug business to make a living. So if the government really want to tackle the war on drugs i believe they should really improve the economy and start giving people jobs.

  • It was flawed from the beginning

    The War on Drugs was a flawed idea used to create a smoke screen for the terrible economic and military measures being enacted in the 1980's and 90's. Rather than dealing with our problems we pointed out an obvious evil: drug use, and targeted it. In addition we used this war to target racial and economic minorities and have ruined many lives.

  • Lots of work to be done but we are winning the war

    It's not failed by any means but we have to keep pushing back against drug dealers and importers to keep drugs out of the country.

    It's not something that will ever go away completely but it's something we can keep seeing a decrease in over time, helping people to understand the danger of ever starting drugs in the first place is a good place to start.

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