Hate crime laws: Are hate crime laws fair and judicially sound?

  • They are fair.

    Hate crime laws are fair and judicially sound. People who commit hate crimes are some of the worst kind of criminals there are. The laws that protect people against hate crimes are very sound and really effective in what they do. Without them, people would be able to get off with technicalities.

  • Yes, hate crime laws are fair and judicially sound.

    Our legal system has developed means of looking at groups of people in this country who have historically been discriminated against. This means that we recognize that various groups of people in this country do not always enjoy equal status and treatment. A crime is one thing. A hate crime is crime that is motivated by something beyond what would ordinarily compel a person to commit the crime. Killing is killing, for example, but motivation matters. We differentiate between manslaughter and intentional killing. We recognize crimes of passion. We recognize the capacity or incapacity of the killer to know that what he was doing was wrong. Hate crimes are just another segmentation of this. The laws are different because the crimes are different.

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