Hate speech on campus: Does banning hate speech on campus infringe the right of free speech?

  • Don't infringe my right to speak.

    Honestly, no matter what anyone says it is always going to offend at least one person. Everyone has freedom of speech but it doesn't always seem that way because everyone gets so offended over everything. I do not think hate speeches are ideal but if colleges start banning them on campus, I do believe that is interfering with students freedom of speech. I agree hate speech’s can go a little too far but you can't just get rid of everything that makes you feel uncomfortable or offends you. You have to learn to either deal with it or ignore it.

  • Exercise your freedom.

    No matter how offensive, derogatory or straight up rude someone’s speech is, it’s still their freedom. So I do believe banning hate speech on campus is infringing on students’ Freedom of Speech. The deliverance of a hate speech should be 100% allowed on campus, though to move forward amongst with society I believe there should be specific protocols that should be taken.

    As followed; there should be a designated building/area/closed-in space where all hate speeches are given, the person who gives the hate speech should be required to announce what they’re about to speak about beforehand so if it may offend a specific group of people they’ll have the opportunity the leave in a timely manner.

    I think if every one of these protocols take place and are executed properly before a hate speech is delivered then there may be more supporters and less adversity on campus.

  • Free speech is free speech.

    If you claim that banning one persons free speech is not in violation then they can make the same argument about you. Colleges banning hate speeches does infringe on the right of free speech. Although Hate speeches are not ideal they are still a form of speech. People have the right have their own opinion and the right to share that opinion.

  • Banning hate speech altogether doesn't help.

    If a person says "Hey....I want so and so out of here.", or I want those *******s out of here", that's just expressing a point of view.

    If, on the other hand, it's the kind of speech that's a direct call for acting on such attitudes, such as "Get so and so out of here!", or Hey..Get those ******* out of here!", that's a direct all for action, which is absolutely NOT protected under the First Amendment.

    Posted by: mplo
  • Hate speech on campus should be banned.

    The right to have free speech is a very broad right. Obviously hate speech is not what our founding fathers had in mind when they created the first amendment. On a school campus, students are invited to learn and create and accept others. Allowing hate speech to continue on a campus would be counterproductive to say the least. It is disruptive, offensive, and unnecessary. The banning of hate speech does not infringe on the rights of Americans because it is a disturbance of the peace.

  • The banning of hate speech on college campuses does not violate the right to free speech.

    Banning hate speech on campus does not violate the right of free speech at all. There are three groups of unprotected speech: words that are a crime, slander and libel, and words that would incite the disturbance of the peace. Hate speech is absolutely disturbing the peace of the society in which it is said, and that is why it is illegal. However one chooses to think about this idea is their opinion on the definition of hate speech. Hate speech is not simply voicing one’s opinion about a situation, hate speech is directed at another person or group of people, and is meant to threaten or hurt them in some way. If colleges were to ban every opinion that is said on their campus, the entire campus would be silent, however hate speech is an entirely different form of speaking. Opening one’s mouth for the sole purpose of harming another person should be illegal and all in all makes the campus a more enjoyable and comfortable place to speak one’s ideas without the fear of getting hated on.

  • The banning of hate speech on college campuses does not infringe the right of free speech.

    The banning of hate speech on college campuses does not infringe the right of free speech. In a Supreme Court case, the justices ruled that the right to free speech could be limited if the speech poses a clear and present danger to anyone. College campuses are often pretty angsty places, so hate speech could cause riots there.

  • Hate speech on campus is not protected by the right to free speech.

    Hate is a word that suggests someone dislikes something so much that he or she is willing to take harmful action against it. Free speech is protected under the United States Constitution as long as it is clear that it's intended to remain speech and does not threaten harmful action. When speech becomes suggestive of the intent or call to take action to commit harmful acts against another person or group of people, then it becomes threatening and, in some cases, actually disruptive to the peace, which is a crime.

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