• Absolutely- and my brother-in-law is an artist.

    Has anyone actually walked into a modern art gallery lately? The last installment in my city made me infuriated that I had wasted money for admission. One exhibit, lavishly promoted as a "brilliant commentary on existentialism", contained plastic children's beach toys screwed onto trash cans. Others had art that looked like the drawings my mother tacked on our refrigerator when I was in second grade. The conceptual "sculptures" consist of random junk nailed or glued together into piles.
    The worst part? Talented artists who still have classic technique and training can't even get their art considered by a gallery.

  • Change in audiences and medium, NOT in work ethic.

    There has been less of an emphasis on classical technique and more on what speaks to the audience. Art has never really been about pure talent, but rather what the artist can successfully translate to the canvas. People are using art to express emotions and thoughts, not to showcase a training, and that's what artists are doing now. There has been a difference between what is technically talented and what is emotionally talented. We're in a cultural era that values emotional presence in art, so the outcome of the art is going to differ. It doesn't mean the artist behind the canvas worked less; they simply worked differently.

  • No, they are not.

    Artists grow each and every day. New inspiring artists come about, or come to an age where they are taken seriously, and show us an even wider world of creativity and unique vision we would not have imagined before hand. Artists are very driven people who put a lot of work and heart into their creations.

  • Lots of great work.

    There has been lots of great work by artists new and old, and seems the veteran acts are coming out with lots of strong work, including the new one from Depeche Mode...Seems the music business is on the upswing and each artist is pushing their creative and styling limits. It is a great time for music artists and their fans.

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