Have a small group of feminists tried to turn the cause into a movement for female domination?

Asked by: gabep
  • Yes, I believe many Feminists are starting to view men as inherently evil.

    First off let me just say that it is my opinion that Feminism in itself is wrong and to a varying degree sexist. Even the name FEMINISM reeks of gender superiority. It is my belief that these "Feminazis" as we call them are simply realizing for the first time what Feminism is really about. Thank you and God bless.

  • It isn't right - But they have

    "Feminazis" as most communities call them , are "Feminists" (Not really, they dont support EQUALITY) that say Men are SCUM. Ex. Don't get serves or pleasure a man, don't talk, if a man dies it's good etc. These Feminazis aren't good, but exist, to the detriment of humanity. And their arguments are good comedy too, gives me a laugh.

  • Men have rights too.

    Women in the Western World are the most well-treated in the world. There are definitely issues on women's rights that must be solved, but a small group of radical feminists have gone too far. Is female domination any better than male domination? I think not. I am for women's rights, but we need equality, not reverse discrimination

  • Yes, for sure.

    What started out as a 'females should vote' type of campaign has turned into a 'females should complain for not having more rights then men.' and other propaganda that can get well, you know. Not all feminist movements are like that but a lot of them are. Then some just get stupid like. 'O why do we have a different bathrooms.' I mean really?

  • Maybe some people want that, but not all.

    First of all, why are we pinning this on women just because feminism exists? Feminism is the want for EQUALITY. Not SUPERIORITY. Some have taken this too far, but those are not feminists. Those are feminazis. Second of all, some men are wanting to be superior over women. This is not just women that are doing this. If someone wants superiority, they are not a feminist.

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Reeseroni says2015-05-29T14:36:24.620
This is silly